December 27, 2011

Ron Paul 2012

"Only in America - someone who supports peace over war, is labeled as an "extremist".

Only in America - someone who will end war on drugs, and release majority of blacks from prison, back to their families & kids, is labeled as "Racist".

Only in America - someone who will bring an end to never ending inflation, boom and bust business cycles, is labeled as naive in monetary policies

Only in America - someone who gets more contributions from vets, than all other candidates combined, is labeled isolationist

Only in America - someone who puts America before Israel is labelled as anti-semitic.

Yes my friends - that's how media, owned by Big Corporations and Wall Street is trying to steal our future.

The one I am for is Ron Paul in 2012---Awesome" ~United States Marine Jason Thompson

WE THE PEOPLE: 1) Respect the Constitution 2) Want PEACE by a non-interventionist American foreign policy 3) Want a strong national defense 4) Want the Federal Government out of our personal lives 5) Respect STATES rights to make laws as protected by the 10th Amendment 6) Want to AUDIT the Federal Reserve 7) Want to End crony capitalism in Congress.

Which is the American Form of Government?


  1. Read in comments of article:

    "We have the clearest choice since 1964.

    If you believe the constant fear mongering by Republicans and Democrats and are eager to trade your Freedom for a hollow pledge of safety... then by all means, you should support Gingrich, Perry, Romney, Santorum or Bachmann. They will give you an ever more powerful federal government and a continued diminishing of your Freedom and Liberty.

    On the other hand, if you understand that Freedom and Liberty are by their very nature, a dangerous place to be, but are willing to accept the risk, then Ron Paul is your only choice."

    Amen Brother.

  2. I'm British, but I pay a keen interest in US politics, particularly the presidential race.

    The scariest thing about the backlash Ron Paul gets from within his own party, is that he is the only candidate who seems to know what Republicanism is actually all about. He reminds the likes of Gingrich how far the movement has strayed from its original beliefs. So they cast him in the role of unelectable crank, in the hope no-one will notice he's only one who actually believes the words that come out of his own mouth. He also reminds them that the best of the Tea Party arguments had nothing to do with politics, they were to do with patriotism and doing the right thing; the American way.

    The GOP approved, sanitised, mouth-breathing candidates, who'll read anything they have put in-front of them by legions of career advisors and focus groups, don't matter to the GOP. They're just meat puppets with delusions of grandeur, not actual people with opinions of their own worth listening to. But Paul says what he says because he believes what he says. To a European's sensibilities, he still has some pretty weird ideas, but at least they are his own and at least he has been saying them for a long time. He is consistent.

    Now, we should always remember, it's not too difficult to be the sane one in a group, when you're standing between a guy who wears magic underwear and a woman who doesn't know what a library is. But Paul's biggest challenge is yet to come. What happens when the media have to report what he actually says, as opposed to what their received opinion pundits say he said? I mean, what on earth are CNN going to do, when actual journalists look at what he is saying and realise he's making sense in a way which relates to as many on the centre left as on the centre right?

    Of course, the real elephant in the room with all of this, is the total weakness of Obama. If he was riding high in the opinion polls and hadn't just signed into law the indefinite detention without trial of American citizens act (NDAA), the Republicans might have gotten behind Paul more swiftly, simply because of his popularity with those who vote for outspoken Republicans in the early rounds, but tactically switch to Democrats to keep out hardliners later on. Against a strong Democrat incumbent, a maverick candidate is always the preferred Republican choice. It's that all or nothing, stick it up the flagpole and see if it flies attitude.

  3. But with Obama being so weak even among those of us who carried on believing in him long after we could remember what it was he'd promised to change in the first place, the Republicans might seize the opportunity to squeeze in another nut-ball sock-puppet, like they did with Bush.

    The 'anyone who isn't the other guy' effect has worked time and time again on the American electorate and we're already well into the phase of the campaign where the biggest donors are anxious to start shaking hands. They might be tempted to reason, it's easier to make all of Gingrich's extramarital affairs go away, than it is to deliver on what Paul is actually promising.

    So I think, rather sadly, there is a real chance Ron Paul will be the victim of his own success. It won't come down to the voters — the corporations who make the bent voting machines will see to that. No, Paul's biggest problem, is he is the only guy left in the room who doesn't have to take his shoes and socks off to count up to 20. And if there's one thing Republicans don't like it's a wise guy.

    Wise guys, like Ron, have worked out the scam and aren't afraid to sink some very big ships with their loose lips, to let everyone in on how it all works. If Paul isn't careful, he'll start courting favour with the Nascar brigade. Once those guys realise there's a man behind the curtain, pulling the wizard's strings; that they've been lied to by everyone from Palin to Bachmann and all points Christine O'Donnell in-between — all bets are off. It's going to be a fascinating year.

  4. It seems that not all of the religious people like Ron Paul. Get a load of these threads from the "Rapture Ready" forums.


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