September 21, 2009

Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Stirring words from a funny man. But:

    - need anyone be reminded that the ideals of "liberty and justice for all" are often more honored in the breach than in the observance?

    - as Kipling said, "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel". Pledging allegiance to a flag is tantamount to saying "my country, right or wrong": it's a device, like religion, to separate the good guys from the bad guys, and to make it easier to kill the "bad guys". Do I need to enumerate examples? Do we really need more divisiveness in our overcrowded, overarmed world?

    - contrary to what Red said at the end, "under God" is most certainly a prayer. By the time I got to high school, I wasn't saying it any more, because it excluded me as an atheist. I have no objection to anyone praying in school, but I do object to being forced to pray.

    - on the whole, it seems to me a bad idea to force children to recite a pledge of any kind, especially when they must start at an age where they can't possibly understand what it means. Far better would be to talk about, say, what liberty and justice mean, and illustrate them with examples from history.

    While I am still proud of my birth country, the United States, for many reasons, none of those reasons come from having to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Being forced to swear an oath to a flag is likely to inspire mindless patriotism in some, and cynicism in others, but not many will be moved to love by it.

  2. Mindless oaths are just that; mindless oaths.
    Only where there is doubt can there be freedom.


  3. Only where there is doubt can there be freedom.

    Do you doubt this saying froggie?

  4. Well said Zilch,

    I find it hard to pledge any allegiance to this current system that is for sure.

    I sure had patriotic and hopeful feelings about America when I was younger. I sure thought we were the "good guys" I even volunteered in the Military to fight for our freedom. Ok, maybe it for college funding but we fought in war never the less.

    Bush utterly destroyed all of that for me, and Obama isn't making my loyalty any stronger.

    I would like that old America back but unfortunately I feel that will not be. I think my innocence about that pledge, like Red, sounds good on paper but is horrifying in reality.

    Maybe I just became cynical in the matter, thanks to Bush, et al, and the internet. We lost something great in America that is for sure.


  5. Incidentally Molotov Mitchell calls us "iphone-toting barbarians" in his new video, He says that we are not civilized anymore...I agree.

    See his video on the side panel here under "for the record"


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