December 10, 2010

Holidays, ...Meh

I was considering doing a post about this subject, then I read over at Triablogue, who asked the question "Why December 25?"

So, this is my perspective.

A good tree will bear good fruit. Is Christmas good fruit? You decide, because I certainly have.

I know our President wants Christmas to be a large part of America. Many don't know the true origins.

So, let the bridges I burn light my way. To truth.

Colossians 2:16-17 is clear, you make choices for your own families.

One verse says it all, Romans 14:5 "One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind."

In my home we do not celebrate Christmas. Like a friend said, "we celebrate Christ's birth every single day" Over commercialization, covetous children to objects, lying to children, worshiping false idols are not good fruit to me. I also hold a strong refusal to go into debt for anyone, especially for holidays.

Now, we can debate how Christmas started. Do the 12 Christmas myths debunked, even. Whether in 336 it was the RCC that chose to honor the birthday of the Christ since it was already a well loved holiday because in 274, December 25th, the Winter Solstice was celebrated because Aurelian [a Roman emperor] instituted the cult of Sol Invictus and thus a major feast day throughout the Roman Empire.

[Update: As Pvblivs pointed out, we can even debate who actually wrote the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' poem in the 1800's]

Also, we can discuss that the current image of Santa, that we have grown to love, was merely marketing for Coca-Cola. Coke commissioned Haddon Sundblom to make images for their ads starting in 1931. That's right, people kill, commit suicide, and fall over each other going for that "bargain" item, for an advertising and marketing ploy. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even Macy's parade all geared to get you to spend your cash for Christmas. It's that simple.

My Mom always said not to wait until her funeral to give her flowers. I thought that was great advice. Why wait for holidays either, like Mother's day, Father's day, or any other holiday. If we want to say "I love you" to each other, we don't wait for a couple times a year, we do it right then. Certainly don't need holidays to express our love. We are more spontaneous that way also. Good fruit. If we want to get something, like a Kindle, we get it. No sneaking, no hiding, nothing that is behind the back. Out front, open, and honest. No lines, hassle.

I also go to office parties, other social get-togethers and dinners, and "Christmas tree lane" to view lights during that time, but that will be about it. Many are very surprised that we do not celebrate holidays. Maybe this post will alleviate that explaining. :7)

My kids may want to celebrate Christmas in their own homes. That would be fine with me.  I will say that our kids are thankful for us not lying to them about anything (Santa, Tooth Fairy) so they don't have to question me to see if I am lying about other things, like about God.

That is the most important part of this discussion though. At what point do the kids think that you are not lying to them? "He lied to me about Santa, did he lie about God also?" are possible questions in a kid's head. (Bite your tongues Atheists) Then, I have to explain that I lie about some things and not others, all the while God says all liars will have their part in the lake of fire, and on and on. It confuses them and shows I actually condone lying under "certain" circumstances.

No nation, culture pressure, or soft drink company will get me to lie to my own kids for anything. To me that is horrible, and rotten, fruit. We should strive to do all things that glorifies God. (1 Corinthians 10:31, Psalm 86:12)

Holidays, ...meh.


  1.      You were saying? Coca Cola used an already existing icon as a marketing ploy.

  2. Pvb,

    Thanks for that, So there was even a debate as to when the perceived "sacred" poem originated, that apparently started it all. Again, more bad fruit. Good point.

  3. Wow, Dan - you written something that I can almost agree with.

    People will talk.

  4.      "Thanks for that, So there was even a debate as to when the perceived "sacred" poem originated, that apparently started it all."
         There is. But either way, it was well before Coca Cola got involved with it, making your claims that "Santa" was merely marketing for Coca Cola false, or as you like to put it "bad fruit."

  5. Pvb,

    Even if that were the case, arguably Coke still brought the "Santa" into every home and made it hugely popular. At least the images, if not the story itself. One may have carried the other. They certainly were a very large part of the perpetuation of the myth and image. Its still debatable.

  6. Dan:

         Open invitation on my blog: why are christians so dishonest?

  7. Pvb,

    >>why are christians so dishonest?

    What complete bigotry! Do you 'always' make sweeping accusations for all groups of people? Or is your target only to Christians? Do you think all black people are lazy? How about Mexicans, are they all illegal aliens? You're slipping dude.

  8. It'd be funny if he weren't so transparently...

  9. Dan:

         If you had checked my blogpost, you would see that I am drawing on my experience regarding those who publicly identify themselves as christians. I am interested in hearing your reasons for dishonesty. The invitation is still open. You, yourself are dishonest when you require a previous assumption in the biblical god for your argument and when you say that non-christians "borrow" from christianity. I would like to know why you do this.

  10. Have you Christians ever thought about why you believe what you do?
    Have you Christians ever thought about how much blood has been shed in the name of God?
    The Devil... Greedy, prideful, envious. Always playing games and trying to corrupt humanity. Right? What if your God is actually the Devil? Why would God need several different religious books to control the masses?
    Satan... The adversary of God. The accuser. Any 'being' to stand up against a sadistic, controlling and fraudulent 'being' is a true saint. Satan being the one to burn in hell for eternity with the sinners and unbelievers, we are ALL sinners! Satan makes Jesus look insignificant when it comes to martyrdom.
    God represses humanity. God represses freedom. God represses intelligence. God represses progress. God represses thought. God represses the need to achieve. God destroys the world.

    How can you debunk an Atheist? That's like trying to disprove proof.
    Religion is destroying the world. Most theologians don't care about the very real problem of pollution and overpopulation. Denial of reality seems to be the concept behind your God, or should I say Devil. Have you thought about the future? Have you thought about our children's children's children, or even our children's children? Dare say children? Does it matter to you that you are killing the future??? Killing all life on Earth?
    Abortion is just a mere sacrifice needed to avoid a population crash. Controlling how many babies you pop out is another. I don't see why everyone is so selfish. Oh, and wouldn't the aborted baby go straight to (your) Heaven? And be revered as a Saint? Much worth the sacrifice don't you think?

    Christianity is based off of other religion, there is much proof to this. Religion falls back to polytheism... Have you ever thought that the term 'god' meant something totally different in ancient times? Have you ever thought about what the true meaning is behind your allegorical religious texts?
    Have you ever truly thought at all???
    How can you deny proof?
    How can you deny life?
    Such a hollow and insignificant shell you people are.

    I hope you enjoyed this rant. It's doubtful that you Christians actually put any THOUGHT into my words. But if you did, and if you have read this far... It's a miracle!


    Feel free to bring battle to me at any time.


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