August 29, 2013

Both Foreign and Domestic

I just read Pvblivs post on Snowden, and many have been discussing things at length in various groups on FB, and on other blogs that are too many to number here. I completely agree with him. If the government "has nothing to hide" then they would welcome it. At least, that is what the police say to us. If we have nothing to hide then they are trained that whoever baulks at their requests to an unconstitutional search has something to hide, and yet that is exactly what they are doing. How ironic.

As Ron Paul says, government views us as the enemy. Or maybe, we can view it the other way around as it was pointed out in our past post about another "revolution" that would be  constitutionally sanctioned. And the main reason they're trying to disarm it's citizens.

Some of us are certainly not blind to these points, as the build up of the "homeland military police state" increases, as Obama promised he would make sure it would, because the government is far more fearful of it's own people, then anything else in the world. Guilty consciousnesses tend to create that kind of behavior. They know what they have in store for its people and are preparing for that blow back. In poker they call that a "tell".

I will tell you what most people I know, that I consider friends, are doing. We will vote accordingly to eliminate this complete madness. Even if you're a Libertarian, an Independent, Green party, or anything else, we need you, get involved into the GOP and vote to eradicate the cronyism and Lefty madness from within. That's right, become a Republican. A third party will not work at this point, and will just bolster the far left's agenda for even more government and more intrusion into our freedoms. Also, take your kids out of the governmental indoctrination centers called "public schools". It is where most of these problems can be traced back to. You don't even have to homeschool your kids, like we do, but get them out of there.

If you actually care about our country as a whole, whether an Atheist or Christian, Libertarian or Conservative, we have no choice then to band together and stop the empire from overtaking the Constitution and rendering it useless, as they are trying to do. Remember the Constitution is there to limit the government and give freedoms to the people, not the other way around as they wish it would be. We all understand who the real bad guys are, the group Satan stands with, and why many are against the liberty minded Snowden's of the world. He is a fellow Ron Paul supporter, which says plenty to me. I view this as spiritual warfar.

We the people still have the power to change all of this for now, but only if we're speaking as one voice.

It all started for me in the Ron Paul meet up groups, I noticed Democrats and Republicans, Libertarian and Conservatives, Atheists and Christians, Anti-religious and the very religious all getting together with the goal to take our liberties back. It was a beautiful thing. Of course people tried to discredit Ron Paul, maybe even to try to stop these types of gatherings, but they didn't stop. The cronyism elite got real scared and threw their money at, and started, the Tea Party who infiltrated and perverted the movement. Even if the Tea Party succeeded with many of the unsuspecting, we're still discussing these matters. Many of us see the truth and just maybe, God willing, we can take this country back from its hijackers. It's what many of us, like myself, were aiming for from the beginning since way back in the year 2000, and ealier. A lot of garbage has happened since then, all for the worse of this Country.  How much longer are we going to continue allowing it?

Speaking of "I told you so", remember what we said about Miley Cyrus so many years ago. ( Now look at her. Heed the warnings, and good advice, folks.


  1.      You're joking, right? The GOP is a big believer in spying on the citizens. It gave us "I'm the Decider." It gave us "if you're not with us, you're against us." The GOP has never like the idea of individual liberty. It is the GOP that supports the police when they ask "what do you have to hide?" Democrats look the other way. And some, like Obama, even take advantage if the anti-liberty tools. But it is the GOP that fights to put them in place.

    1. Even if I agreed with you on those points, and I do, that does not change the fact that in this current environment, a third party is the kiss of death to this nation, for now.

      Papa from RPT just recently said to me, "The most important thing is to keep the conservative/libertarian "stint" alive in the Republican Party. It has lost and regained it throughout... but a third party will weaken any chance of taking any sort of action against the loony left. In a perfect world we would truly have a conservative party with ideals of small government, but we are in a less than perfect world and need to work in the lane-lines provided."

      And I completely agree.

    2. I'm having a hard time understanding exactly you were replying to Dan. It was completely off topic. Like a canned talking point from an ignorant but trained politician.

    3. I guess it was more important for you to respond with babble than to what pvblivs said.

  2. The looney left? Are you nuts? What looney left? What "left" period? The closest thing to a "left" you have is the centrist Obama who really hasn't done anything to dismantle the crap Bush left behind.

    When last I looked, people like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh were on your side, not mine.


    Take a reality check about who's really "loony".

    1. I completely agree! Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who listens to Paul Krugman is certainly loony. You should see some of the YouTube videos where he is eviscerated in his logic, reasoning, or predictions. He is pretty clueless.

    2. Ad-om. Yawn. Even if he's wrong on some other things, you have to show that the stuff in the article I linked to is wrong.

      Even Vox Day is right about a few things, after all, despite being a total loon.

    3. And of course, speaking of loonies:

      And that`s not including Glen Beck and Rush.

  4. Every once is a while you actually post something sensible. Please stop - it's confusing people.


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