April 20, 2010

Tea Party Thieves?

Just noticed something called a Tea Party Barbie online that was posted on April 12th.

But that seemed awfully familiar to something I saw posted on April 8th by Jen McCreight over at Blag Hag.

Which came first? You be the judge.

The Tea Party was allegedly created with the tag line to "take back America," with this new evidence they might do that by stealing it.


  1. Well, Dan, my conclusion is that either the Teabaggers are an atheist plot to make conservative values look laughable, or that one shouldn't derive one's political opinions from internet silliness. I'll stick with the traditional values of succoring the poor and furthering life, love, and knowledge. Lao Tze said, "right and wrong is sickness". I'll along with that and add "liberal and conservative is sickness".

  2. Hey, Dan, if God is most important, shouldn't they be carrying around Bibles instead of the US Constitution? Doesn't it seem that they're making an idol of the Constitution? I thought idols were bad, m'kay?


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