April 26, 2009

Graduate School Sues Texas Agency Over Academic Discrimination

Two days ago I received a press release that ICR will be suing Texas.

The Institute for Creation Research Graduate School (ICRGS), a California-based science education institution established in 1981, has filed suit in both federal and Texas state courts against the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), its commissioner, and some of its board members, for interfering with the constitutional rights of ICRGS in its application to move the school to Texas.

In fall 2007, the THECB Site Evaluation Team and Advisory Committee recommended approval of the ICRGS application to grant degrees in the state of Texas. However, both agency recommendations were subsequently rejected by Commissioner Paredes after evolution-only activists pressured the commissioner to deny ICRGS a degree-granting license in the state.

I remember reading about when God's mighty victory was provided in the similar case against California Department of Education. At the time the ACLU was labeling ICR as Public Enemy #1, but with God's help they won three lawsuits: In administrative court, in state court, and in federal court.

It is understandable that the cheerleaders of Evolution only, believers in metaphysical naturalism, are afraid of the truth. And as it was said in one of my past posts:

Evolutionary theory artificially rules out a kind of cause before it has a chance to speak by the evidence. The cause of intelligence. This is why they pigeon hole themselves and scientists often wear, with pride, the title of metaphysical naturalism. Does anyone now see the dangers of scientists taking philosophical positions such as this?

I can understand how frightened they will be, if people find out the truth. God existing would be very bad business for the secular scientists that believe in Neo-Darwinism. With blinders on, they trek on from that past theory. How absurd for us to think that Scientists should be looking at evidence instead of philosophical positions.



  1. Dan, now this PUNK is impersonating me.

    Wake up.

    The days of unmoderated discussions are over for your blog thanks to this punk.

    Mr Punk.
    Thanks for ruining a blog where friends have been having spirited discussions for quite a long time, asswipe.

    You could not win with a simple argument, so you use punk tactics to destroy a blog.

    What a punk.

    Dan, I've sent an email.
    Please fill me in on what you've been doing to ID this punk.

    May God reward him according to his works.

  2. Dan,

    I have not read abut the reasons for the denial of that permit, or whatever. However, I find it highly suspicious that a group of "evolutionists" would be behind it. Thus I would check the facts more carefully if I were you, before taking sides.

    However, if things are just about prohibiting an ICR "school" out of not wanting creationism taught in Texas (which would be quite surprising given that they already managed to alter some textbooks adding a few lies about what science has produced regarding the origin of life and other stuff, and this was Texas, I am sure), then I would be with you on this one Dan. I think IRC has the right to teach those who want to learn their crap. It is their choice.



  3. About those textbooks, I mean lies that are propagated by creationists, of course.

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  8. Dan- the last 3 comments under my name are not from me.

    Your program is not working it seems.

    Arizona huh?
    I'm on it.

  9. Pvb,

    You are right I didn't think of the rarity of Static IP's. I did try a range like 24.56.5.# to no avail either.

    I guess when I say "Bring your "A" game" this is the best Andrew can offer. I wish he could get into the discussions instead.

    I am recording his traffic and contacting his service provider but I cannot do much else other then moderation...

    I should of expected it because of the subjects we deal with. Sometimes it hits home so much they lash out because that is all they know how to express themselves. Instead of articulating a concise and convincing argument they just throw out garbage. Sad really.

    Hopefully God will perform the miracle I am praying for and change his heart right in front of all of us. He may become a great witness for the Christian faith. From Saul to Paul conversion, I will pray for.

  10. Amen!
    May the Lord knock him off his horse on the road to Dan-ascus! Lol!

    God was faithful to put me face down in the dirt when I was acting like a "dingleberry" and it was good for me.

    May the Lord be good to our friend Andrew as well.

    Shalom Aleichem,
    Dani' El

  11. Amen Dani'El,

    Someone just reminded me of Matthew 5:10 today. Great stuff!

  12. There's a bit of detail in this.

    It's a long, boring read but they give 3 reasons why the ICR had that trouble.

    Myers also has a link to a legal analysis of their suit. It's from an atheist site, but it's written by a lawyer. Judge the reasons for yourself.

  13. The problem with blocking an IP address is that "static IPs" are quite rare these days. 

    This is true, but trivially so...

    (If you check your own IP address, you will probably find that it changes every time you log in to your internet service provider.) 

    ...because this part is false. With a standard dial-up connection (remember those?), an IP address is doled out on each connection, and these are about as dynamic as an IP address can get. With broadband connections, however, even a so-called "dynamic IP address" is really quite static -- lasting at least a week, in most cases -- and when the address is renewed (automatically by the DSL/cable modem), it usually grabs the same one it had last time. Technically, this is not static, but functionally, its change is rare enough.

    All this is largely moot, however, since identifying the ISP is simple, and once done, identifying that ISP's IP range is also pretty easy to do, such that denying a class C subnet (or a set of subnets) should be easy -- but if the deviant in question uses one of the bigger ISPs, this could cause "good" users to be blocked as well...

    Worst case, this douche is logging in from various public access points, in which case little to no action can be taken other than comment moderation. Even Blogger can do nothing without radically changing its policies. Unless the comments posted contain explicit content, and especially illegal content, little can be done other than comment moderation.

    My two cents? Enable moderation, but assign a trustworthy agent or two moderation privileges, to ease your burden, and to allow for more fluid conversation. Either that, or require blog membership, and only allow members to post comments. Unfortunately, as near as I can tell, while comments can be restricted to members-only, there are only three categories of user: admin, member, and guest. Members can not only comment, then, but they can also post new topics...

    Of course, you could make the blog private, and only allow "readers" to post comments...

    ...or you can wait for this guy to get bored and leave.


  14. Stan,

    I love your unapologetic nerdiness.

    I guess Andrew decided to play nice and join the conversation. Hard hearts softened with prayer?

  15. Regarding the ICR's bid to supply graduate degrees in Texas, I say let 'em -- with the caveat that their "degrees" are about as valuable as a degree from Rochville University.

    In any event, to offer legitimate graduate degrees in a given state, an institution must comply with that state's standards, for better or for worse. If ICR wants to offer a Ph.D. in Dinosaur Husbandry, or Creation-friendly Astrophysics (specializing, no doubt, in the variable speed of light), have at it. Good luck getting a job in a related field (read: not apologetics) following graduation...

    Sure, I think ICR are morons, but I think the same of Muslim madrases (weird; Firefox recognizes that as the proper pluralization of 'madras'), and of Communications majors, and of Military Intelligence... Let them generate their worthless degrees, or accredit worthless courses, or perpetuate oxymorons -- it doesn't matter to me, and it shouldn't matter to anyone else, so long as human rights are upheld, and so long as actual learning institutions are still prevalent, and so long as bona fide  science is still taught, and the bona fide scientists which result are the ones driving research and technology.

    Who cares?


    P.S. - I am very white and nerdy. Sometimes I really do want to roll with the gangsters, but I can't bring myself to say "wanna." My text messages are spelled out completely, including correct capitalization and punctuation, and I use Linux (Ubuntu).

  16. or was that "whitey plz". I am too white or publicly educated myself to know for sure. Peace out.


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