May 26, 2010

Does God Exist?

Dr. Stephen Meyer did an interview recently that was quite interesting to me. He discusses some of the evidence for ID as we have been talking about here recently so I thought y'all would enjoy some of the points. I enjoyed how he scientifically broke things down to understand the data presented. Anyway, here it is in its entirety to listen to or download for future reference. It may not be up for long so you might want to download it.

I was able to get this from Diane Eble, the one that held the interview. To order the Seminar go to True U Tour. Enjoy.

Part 1

MP3 File

Part 2

MP3 File

Update: Thanks to Rufus we found out that Stephen Meyer was on Praise the Lord recently along with many others, including Ray. Told you there is a God.

Follow this link and check out the program from May 20.

Thursday May 20, 2010
Paul Crouch, Jr. hosts "Creation, Evolution and God In Science Night" with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, Eric Hovind, Sean McDowell, Greg Koukl, Ray Comfort, Dr. Hugh Ross, Doug Phillips in Costa Mesa, CA. Archives


  1. Oh, Dan, my little hypocrite. I've got something that will give you a raging hard on, buddy.

    Follow this link and check out the program from May 20.

    I was pissing myself from laughing. I bet you'll be wet dreams galore.

  2. Dan,

    You couldn't pay me enough to listen to the Meyer interview.

    Don't take that wrong though. I read 15 times faster than people talk so if you come up with a transcript, I'd take a look at it.
    I don't have time to listen to long winded audio that probably has nothing new to offer.

    If there happens to be any breakthrough for evidence of ID, rather than silly philosophical arguments, let me know.

    I've read much of Myer's stuff and it's always the sos. There is still no testable hypothesis for ID.


  3. Thanks Rufus, I updated the post to add to the Meyer potpourri.

    BTW whats up with the "hypocrite" label?

  4. Dan,

    Christianity Today has three pieces on ID (and where it may be going) from Karl Giberson (theistic evolutionist), Steve Meyer (old earth creationist) and Marcus Ross (young earther). Highlights:


    "ID is not a comprehensive theory of Earth and the history of life."


    "To keep building a scientific research community, we ID advocates must expose the prejudicial rules of reasoning that preclude consideration of our theory, and keep explaining ID’s strong foundation in evidence.

    (Errrrr, what evidence? Doh!)


    "Stop trying to prove that Darwin caused the Holocaust or that evolution is ruining Western civilization. Agree among yourselves that the earth is old, since science has proven that. Do not call world-class scientists “cranks,” as Meyer implies in Signature in the Cell. Do not claim that evolution is collapsing, when everyone in the field knows it isn’t. Stop claiming that you cannot get your work published in conventional journals when you aren’t submitting papers to these journals.

    Instead, roll up your sleeves and get to work on the big idea. Develop it to the point where it starts spinning off new insights into nature so that we know more because of your work. Then the academy will welcome you with open arms. Science loves rebels."

    All clowns throwing pies at each other.


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