August 23, 2009

Should We?

I just wanted to point out the "should we" links that I have added to the side bar.

I do not claim to know all things in the Bible and these are some of the subjects that have come up in conversations that I have had. I place these things here fully understanding that these links follow my own presuppositions on the subjects.

Plus, it doesn't need mentioning, but these are placed here with the presupposition that the Bible is the ultimate authority to which we guide our lives with.

With that in mind, under those terms, can you debunk these claims...Biblically that is?

Should we Eat Unclean Foods?

Should we Gamble?

Should (can) we Smoke or is it a Sin?

Should we Spank our Children?

August 21, 2009

Orwellian Days Are Indeed Here

I just read Frederick Meekins Part 2 of his piece called "A Christian Analysis Of Atheism"

Please enjoy reading PART 1. (Stop the distracting Dr. Who music at the bottom of the article first.)

Then if you haven't had enough, dare to read PART 2.

I am interested in the responses of atheists. Any takers?

August 6, 2009

The Faith of the Atheist

Click on the video "The Faith of the Atheist" to hear some familiar arguments that I have made in the past. Mitchell sure can say it better, in an entertaining way, though. Stick around afterward and click on the other videos because they may help you understand a different perspective of current situations. I do like this guy, if you haven't guessed.

p.s. I am tearing my computer down for a period of time, I will return after I reassemble it. Patience is a virtue. For the Atheists, a virtue is defined as the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. No? We follow a standard that is not a completely arbitrary moral system. No? "Christianity offers a cohesive worldview whereby we do have an objective standard so when somebody tortures you; rapes you; kills you; we can say, No, that is wrong. It's not just personal preference, it's objectively wrong." Understand? No?

August 5, 2009


I went searching to see what else Simmons (from the last video) has on his Youtube channel and stumbled across these videos. You know me, I cannot pass up a refutation on evolution. So when I saw this title I just had to post it...enjoy.