January 22, 2013

Golden Rule

"Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules!"

Apparently, whoever owns the most gold, rules.

Well, that is the sentiment, and mentality, of these governments who are positioning themselves in this current financial war, the real World War III.

Just recently, Germany fired across the bow by proclaiming they will be repatriating their gold, literally tons of it, from the United States and other governments.

Max Keiser reported about it, and as I was watching the program I had a moment of pause as to what was actually happening here. The conversation about gold is everywhere now; we see many shows about mining for gold for our entertainment; many commercials and ads about taking gold off our hands, are all increasing dramatically.

Why all this gold talk?

January 2, 2013

Restating the Positions of his Blog

Praise God that Stan did such a wonderful post, that I should highlight, and adopt...

"It's time to restate the main positions of this blog:

IF Atheists believe their position is based on logic and/or evidence, and is therefore rational,
THEN they should be compelled to provide the logic or evidence which supports their belief;
ELSE they are not what they claim to be.


Many Atheists now claim “not to have any god theories”, a claim which is intended to help themselves avoid having to support their own position: they know they cannot. They are, however, subject to the following:

IF creating entity theories exist, THEN either a person has heard of creating entity theories, or has not.

IF a person has not heard of creating entity theories, THEN he likely has no such theories himself. (this is ignorance, not Atheism).

IF a person has heard of God/creating entity theories, THEN one of the following applies:"
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