July 10, 2012

Quantum Nonlocality

nonlocal conscieness
He is an evolutionist, a believer in reincarnation, and does not believe in Jesus Christ as God. He wrote the textbooks for students of Quantum Mechanics. So, why am I writing about him? He is a scientist, a professor, that shows evidence for downward causation. That is why.

His name is Dr. Amit Goswami and recently I was drawn to his documentary, now on Netflix, called "The Quantum Activist" If you do not have Netflix, own it as a stream online for a mere $3.99.

I saw some video interviews on YouTube where he made some very good points also and I will post them at the end for those that wish to explore his research more. I was very excited, speaking of "Ah ha" moments, to hear him lay out the reason why the materialist fight and resist, tooth and nail, science that reveals the truth about downward causation that he even refuses to call God, but we know better. The paradoxes in science can be eliminated when this one point is realized. More on that later.

OK, let's make the case. Quantum physics states that objects are not determined things. Objects are actually quantum possibilities for consciousness to choose from. Be it material things, thinking, intuit, etc. Waves of possibilities into a conscious choice into an actual event of experience.

July 2, 2012

God Particle, Revisited

Many years ago, I posted about and discussed, the God particle. Well, maybe we get to revisit the subject this week.

5 sigma for the God particle? (5 means new discovery or highly confident) This is what they are calling the "holy grail of particle physics," over at CERN. They spent 10 billion to build it just to find the Higgs Boson, after all. Find out on the 4th 

Update: Well, Papa Giorgio provided us with the explanation of what all this means from Dr. William Lane Craig