January 21, 2011


A dear friend of all of ours, Jill Stanek, wanted everyone to know what is going on this day. These are very sad days, and we MUST talk about this subject as a society.

Now, Jill Stanek , an RN, became nationally known for discovering and subsequent whistle blowing, the practice of “live birth abortions” at her hospital. This took on national implications during the 2008 presidential campaign when it became known Barack Obama opposed legislation to stop infanticide as an Illinois state senator.

Understand that this was the same state where Jill found these “live birth abortions” being performed. Obama opposed the bill!

Jill was even named as the “Worst Person in the World!” by MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann on June 4, 2009.

Even yesterday, former Sen. Rick Santorum is thankfully still screaming about Obama's position on Abortion, "Santorum notes that for decades, slavery allowed African-Americans to be treated like property. And he says fetuses are denied the right to life because they are considered property."

This day is also on the heels of some absolutely horrific evil that all of you may have heard of. First, the multimillionaire Kermit Gosnell was thankfully caught and arrested for using scissors to snip the many babies spines that he was aborting that had survived.

January 14, 2011

Freddies Faith Is Dead

In our continued discussions, we are getting hung up on something that I wish to put to bed, and post about to reference in the future when someone says that laws are merely descriptive, not prescriptive, etc.

So it was asked of Freddies Dead, the avatar or description for a real person, "Also, what observation has led you to believe that “A” CANNOT BE both “A” and “not A” at the same time and in the same way?"

Update: At the time, his response to this question was "Here you're asking me to give a proof for a law I suspect may not actually be absolute, lol."

This question is to flush out the logical misstep of this non believer. Its also to help others understand what is actual, fact and truth. That laws by nature are not only absolute (unchanging in principle), but prescriptive.

I went on with, "You see, just the definition of that law implies prescriptiveness – (CANNOT BE, not ISN’T)"

January 11, 2011

Arbitrary Atheists

THE APOLOGETIC FRONT: Are Atheists Arbitrary in their Reasoning?

How to...The Bible Explained In 11 Minutes

Does a British[?] accent make a better narrator then an New Zealand one? Time will tell. I do love the delivery because its explained well. Please watch.

Also, CS Lewis drives it home here:


January 6, 2011

Where Are the Atheists in Congress?

"Rounding out the non-Christians are Buddhists and Muslims, with a combined 5 members." ~The Atlantic

We did notice that Congress was reading the Constitution line by line on the floor. (When all else fails, read the instructions) Now they are on to something!

January 5, 2011

If We Were All At A BBQ...

I was wondering what it would be like if all of us all got together to eat some BBQ and enjoy some good conversation. Well, I got a glimpse of that today, join me. Also, if you ever wondered how a baby from Sye and Ray would turn out, I give you Chad!

[Embeded has been disabled by owner Chad, for some reason]

Just sit back and enjoy. Mike also confirms this quote, "If you believe in evolution and naturalism then you have a reason not to think your faculties are reliable." ~Plantinga

I also noticed that Yaeger's Law was confirmed, yet again.

January 3, 2011

New Year's Revelation

My "New Year's Revelation" has been a real eye opener for me. It has changed much of what I have believed in the past, and now future, for the better.

In the past, I could not justify the disregard for the Old Testament, the supposed dispensational
structure of God's revelation and dealings believed in dispensationalism, and went on a journey to find that Biblical justification for such positions. I am hungry for truth, after all.

That quest had lead me to various discussions with Christians, and Atheists, about my beliefs and justification for them. The battles won, in part, was because my beliefs were Biblically grounded and my counterparts could not justify their reasoning behind their beliefs. Without boring you with entirety of my very lengthy past discussions, although interesting they (Shea and Moose) were, I want to just point to the conclusions.

Just recently, the beginnings of this revelation came from reading a book by Dr. Greg Bahnsen called "No Other Standard" and Bahnsen argues against some positions taken against the subject of Theonomic Ethics. A term that I never heard of before reading that book, but it was a free book offered written by Dr. Bahnsen, so I was in. It turns out, it delt with this exact subject that I was having with the Christian, Shea, a believer in  dispensationalism, but I didn't know it at the time. Our views clashed and could not come to a common agreement which kept me searching as to why what I know as truth, was so radically different from what I thought was the beliefs of the most common Christian Community.

Many of you know my positions about my limited governments, free markets, and of course Presuppositionalism and so on. I also have many controversial positions held about dietary laws, holidays, etc. Its not the normal positions held by many, if not most, Christians out there. In fact, many Atheists agree with me on many things with one glaring exception, of course.

In my search, (read 'research') I found another term I was unfamiliar with until, literally, this year. Admittedly, it was a little comforting to place a label of what my core beliefs are.

I understand that there are controversial positions within this label, and we will flush them out in future posts. I am satisfied with what I believe in and will explore them more in relation to these labels. I find it quite compelling that I come to my beliefs before this revealed term before it was even known. We must be on to something here.

If I had to make one, my new year's resolution would be to continue my research and post about these things in the future, but I am in bliss, relieved, and at peace as to this new found term for myself, and my core beliefs.

I am simply, an advocate and a believer in a Christian Theonomy but man can't do it alone. We NEED the 2nd coming for that fruition. 

January 1, 2011

25 years of TAG

From: Defending Christian Theism,

"As 2010 draws to a close, it seems hard to believe that it has been 25 years since Greg Bahnsen’s presuppositional apologetic first laid waste to atheistic philosophy in his debate with Gordon Stein. It was in that debate that Bahnsen referred to Van Til’s presuppositional approach as the "Transcendental Argument for God" or TAG. The short sloganized version of the argument is Van Til’s statement that the Christian God exists because of the impossibility of the contrary.

Since that time there has been plenty written about TAG – a lot of it more noise and confusion based on a total misapprehension of the issues involved in the argument..."

...(Read More)

*Note to all:

Thanks for the support, thanks for the discussions, thanks for time spent getting to know one another. I am humbled to how much I have learned in this short year. I appreciate you helping me understand more about you. Thank you all, for an interesting 2010. Personally, I am looking forward to another new year of Debunking Atheists.