September 19, 2008

Devil attacks!

For some reason my HD cannot find the OS. I will have to get a new HD and install a new OS and then transfer files over from the old HD if I can. I will try to reinstall the MBR after the transfer. In other words I am down for a couple.

I am sure you will survive without me.

I don't even like checking my email since my kids have Win ME...I know. But I will attempt to check it on occasion.

September 12, 2008

Scientists, In The Right Direction?

I believed that science was a ship without a rudder floating around trying to prove evolution and the big bang by feeding that Darwinian paradigm and I thought that scientists were hopelessly lost.

Recently though, I thought things were complicating my beliefs about scientists with this latest endeavor at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) because the search may reveal unknown subatomic particles. They are on a quest not to prove the big bang, they hope that to be a byproduct of the experiments, what the real primer of all these experiments, all these resources, and great minds hope to find is something called, ironically dubbed 'The God Particle.'

The Higgs particle that can explain many things. They believe, it's a particle, or set of particles, that might give others mass. It would put many pieces into place and help complete the puzzle. It's no wonder they named it the God particle. God could certainly accomplish that.

What is puzzling is that scientists will go through these great lengths to search for the God particle but not God Himself. Only time will tell if God will allow them to succeed or not. I suspect they will never achieve the solutions for the 'theory of everything'(TOE) because they are missing the most important primer/rudder, and that is God. Still without a rudder, they will float endlessly.

I would hope they all would be honest with themselves, and after 10 years of searching for truth they conclude, that God is the truth and there could be no other explanation. What a glorious day that will be for mankind when Science finds that rudder and comes into port safe and intact. I would welcome them with a hero's welcome. I wish them well to accomplish the humbling task of finding God.

September 9, 2008

Science needs a better god

Dave W. said:

You seem to be looking to end science do shun modern medicine, right?"

Well not entirely. You depend on science fully and I know for a fact that it has tremendously large holes. You must agree there is bad science also. Yes I believe that certain science needs to go away. I would love to see pharmaceuticals go away myself. Legal drug pushers is just not working and there are many examples. Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet there is another medicine cabinet in the house, it's called the kitchen.

Also annoying things like genetic alterations to 'juice up' cows with hormones to produce ten times the amounts of milk and other synthetic ways to ruin a perfect thing. Science cannot even begin to understand the complexity and perfection of cows milk yet they try to alter it 'willy nilly' and the world is the Ginny Pig. We have mad cow disease, scientists thought it was a great idea to feed cows, cow spinal cords? Ask yourself this, which is better for you raw vegetables (closest to God) or canned or frozen?

Vaccines also are ruining many children and rendering them with autism and on and on. Chemicals they used to use to induce labor used to render the children deformed. There are many out there with defects because of it. They still don't know for sure if the current methods are better for women and children. Again Natural is better.

Like it was pointed out in an older post, "You know, there is nothing in human nature or in human history that points to the idea that we are moving anywhere. Technology and science, though they are cumulative and have improved, in many ways, the lives of people within the industrialized nations, have also unleashed the most horrific forms of violence and death, and let's not forget, environmental degradation, in human history. So, there's nothing intrinsically moral about science."

I was searching to see if gelatin (pork or animal fat) was in yogurt, which it is (plain might be OK). I stumbled on this also:

"Another set of controversial ingredients is natural colorings. It is advantageous for manufacturers to use natural colorings to avoid listing artificial colors on the label. Two natural colors with kashrus concerns are carmine and grape. Carmine is derived from the insect coccus cacti."

This bug is crushed up in yogurt and other foods for quote "natural" color. MMM, Yummy!

So yes I would love to see some science go away but that just won't happen. Maybe if we stop connecting science with profit we would be better off. If science could honor God's Creation more in the mindset of scientists, to keep God's things sacred, then we wouldn't be in this trouble we are in. Science has no moral rudder and the ship is adrift.

From that same older post "I think the New Atheists also make that leap from science into the cult of science, and that's a problem."

September 8, 2008

Ocean Angels

During the time that I was in the Navy, I saw many wonderful things in the ocean. I enjoyed watching the hammer heads search for prey. I saw the huge turtles dive deep out of sight. Wales were everywhere we went and I frequently saw them doing various things with grace and ease. I forgot the name but I really enjoyed at night the phosphorous illumination of the ocean churned up by our screw, 'Bio luminescent plankton' I believe is the name. The most enjoyment I received was from the very quick and agile dolphins, I would watch for hours dolphins zipping back and forth in front of our ship with ease, while we were cruising at 25 knots. The 'Old Salts' used to tell us tales of Dolphins saving sailors lives. Little did I know this at the time but these were no tales.

Recently, I heard of a couple of stories where dolphins have saved people from certain death. One in our own back yard of Monterey Bay, California

Todd Endris escaped with his life thanks to those dolphins. Watch the report although there are some mangled leg pictures in it.

One of the most fascinating accounts is when the dolphins were swimming aggressively around the group and bumping their feet to keep the feet up. They couldn't even swim forward, they were only allowed to tread water. The video program said the dolphins were swimming so fast around them the appeared to be angry at the people, they thought they might of disturbed a baby dolphin and they were being territorial. The truth is that a great white shark was swimming just under their feet and was making approaches to strike. The dolphins kept the people safe until the danger passed.

Another brilliant moment was described when the dolphins saved a girl from drowning! She said: "All of a sudden, I was looking once again at the azure, cloudless sky above me, perplexed as to how this had happened. It seems that the dolphin had ingeniously flipped me over, before nuzzling his slippery snout into the nape of my neck to keep my head above the water. I was being nurtured, protected and held in timeless suspension."

Then once saved she recalls "Once I was safely on the main boat, the dolphin that had "saved" me, along with three others, circled it in glee. Leaping, belly-flopping, back-flipping, it was a sight to behold. They clearly shared my own elation,..."

There is still another story of a man bleeding in the ocean for hours being protected by dolphins to fend off a team of stalking sharks moving closer.

I am sure there are plenty more examples of this behavior of dolphins "looking out" for us in the vast waters of the ocean. My question to all of you is why? Science may describe the how, like through communication through clicks and what not, but why? Why would they risk their own lives to save ours? They all clearly recognize humans and are sensitive to our needs. They know we are "fish out of the water" in the ocean. So they seek to help and protect us. Why? If you believe in the evolution model, explain this 'evolving' behavior. What is the benefit of dolphins helping humans in an evolutionary concept? Compassion understandably, is allowed in the evolutionary model but compassion between species, without any benefit? I believe there is absolutely no evolutionary benefit for this type of behavior, but I would be what is called biased to the subject.

Just remember there is a real reason why all of the sailors call dolphins 'ocean angels.' God's creation is just too wonderful to discount as a coincidence or merely an anomaly. This is true altruism.