December 27, 2011

Ron Paul 2012

"Only in America - someone who supports peace over war, is labeled as an "extremist".

Only in America - someone who will end war on drugs, and release majority of blacks from prison, back to their families & kids, is labeled as "Racist".

Only in America - someone who will bring an end to never ending inflation, boom and bust business cycles, is labeled as naive in monetary policies

Only in America - someone who gets more contributions from vets, than all other candidates combined, is labeled isolationist

Only in America - someone who puts America before Israel is labelled as anti-semitic.

Yes my friends - that's how media, owned by Big Corporations and Wall Street is trying to steal our future.

The one I am for is Ron Paul in 2012---Awesome" ~United States Marine Jason Thompson

December 18, 2011

Closing Time

Closing time
Time for you to go back to the places you will be from.
Closing time
This room won't be open 'til your brothers or you sisters come.
So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits
I hope you have found a

No this is not some conspiracy theory to frighten you. Its the real deal. Our liberties are not in jeopardy anymore. Our Civil Liberties are GONE!!!!

Obama Breaks Promise To Veto Bill Allowing Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens!!!!

"This leave[s] Ron Paul as the only candidate in the presidential campaign fighting the bill and generally advocating civil liberties as a rallying point for his campaign." ~ Muslim Matters

Research it for yourself folks. Read about the words of the Bill.

The real kick in the belly is that it was signed on the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights!!!

The Lyrics said " I hope you found a friend" That friend is Ron Paul.

We have ONE, last chance, to save us from our government.

"I know who I want to take me home"

Do you?

December 16, 2011


Yet another one in Hell by choice. You cannot cry that we have NOT tried.

Regret = the Atheist's reality in Hell.

Update: Some think I hate Hitch in some way, and that I am glad that he is in Hell. Nothing can be further from the truth. I am frustrated and angry at his defiance. He is my favorite of the four horsemem. I want nothing more then for all Atheists to stop the denial, and this post is a plea.

Again, I beg you to repent and turn from rejecting the God you know exists, and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ's payment for your sins, so that you might be saved from Hell, spend an eternity with God, AND have a firm foundation for your reasoning NOW.

December 1, 2011


This is our philosophy through the thoughts of a daughter who was raised like my kids are.

It's all about self education, not schooling.

Notice she is not a Christian per se, but its the way we raise our kids, either way. We even give freedoms, so they can explore their environment, whatever subject they want, to encourage their curiosity and passion about things they wish to do. She might want to stay up to work on a game MOD or something, that is fine with us.

Debunking Atheists, unschooling
Here is the speech, unedited, without the music and a very interesting Q&A at the end. It's longer, but worth it.

Even if you're an Atheist, I wish you would reconsider HOW you view things, and consider unschooling your children. We do, and the results are awe inspiring.

Kids need to be kids, inquisitive, passionate, and seeking. Your method (one that promotes pubic education) crushes that. Did your method REALLY teach you critical thinking? It seems you preach to the choir of public education. You would get a good pat on the head from your Shepherd for doing so. Because like Pavlov's dog, you were conditioned to desire that. That system of yours crushes potential of the individual. Doodling in class will get you reprimanded, or sent to some authority figure for punishment, in my house its celebrated and encouraged.

I just listened to a valedictorian that preached the exact sentiments of my beliefs. She got that title in the end because she 'followed' well the most. To me, that label is something to avoid. Its a negative. It was a brilliant speech and I am glad she reached that conclusion, instead of the "sheep" she was trained to be.

As a business owner, admittedly, I would seek to hire the valedictorians of the world. They make things easier for business owners like myself. I know they would be good sheep for my company.

If that is your goal, then great, seek it.

November 9, 2011

Feed the Children

Sometimes I am not posting here because I am having conversations going on elsewhere. Case in point, Atheist Jim's blog. Here is my take on the subject and how I commented. This was the conversation with Atheist Alex, on Jim's blog:

Alex said, >>Dan, evidence that these cartels are stealing food from recognised charities, or STFU.

Listen sad little man of denial, it was all over the news for years but here is just the recent about it.

More news about the internal government's people stealing, ". According to reports, Kenya police continue to burn homes, steal food and confiscate mobile phones to restrict communication throughout the region..."

October 30, 2011

When In Doubt, Deny!

It all started with Alex daring me to go onto his podcast in early September at my Facebook group. After many conversations in the group, he did not pull any punches to get me on, and also posted about it. By the grace of God, something happened though.

I just witnessed something great and I wanted to share. I listened to David Smart discussing things with Alex and Jim (as a part 5?) and it was jaw dropping and can be dissected here for months.

October 6, 2011

September 21, 2011

FUNd Raiser

Who wants to fund me to go here:

September 15, 2011

Fiat Currency

"Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under." -H.L. Mencken

My boy just pointed me to this video.

August 24, 2011

American Holocaust!

Since that proverbial "Cat" is indeed out of that bag. Let's discuss it.

May the bridges I burn light the way!

Ray Comfort's newest video called "180" was released and quickly spread over the internet because someone in his organization decided it would be perfectly safe to name the password the same as the name of the website where it resides: HeartChanger

This oversight was not the best decision, and "security" was probably not the focus to be so obvious, but all that glory goes to God for getting the word out and the message across to those that NEED to hear it and get this discussion going. Thanks Ray for the "mistake" *wink. Moving on.

August 16, 2011

13th Floor Candidate

You want evidence that both the left wing media and Fox news are nothing more than propaganda outlets for our two headed one party system? You got it.

August 12, 2011

I Was An Atheist

In a discussion with Pvblivs on his blog I ranted about being an Atheist. Here is what I said in a couple of the comments:

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written: "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” (1 Corinthians 1: 18-20)

“The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1 Corinthians 2:14)

This is why, no matter if you believe it or not, repentance comes BEFORE knowledge of truth, not after: 2 Timothy 2:24-26,  John 3:12,  Jeremiah 33:3,  2 Corinthians 3:15-16.

I can personally attest to that. I repented before knowing God. As a 21 year old, just out of the military Atheist, I was handed this tract by a wonderful couple that I met while being a life guard. They left such a positive impression on me that I remember thinking that she is the kind of woman that I would want to marry someday. After reading that tract, I sincerely said to Christ "If you are real, please show me." "If all this is true, then I am in real trouble, and I am sorry. Help me" and the like.

August 8, 2011


Appropriate for today, but inappropriate language.

August 5, 2011

Good Question

The good question was, "why do you even care?" Although, we know the answer to that question.

I was not even going to comment on this subject because I believe the Atheists were burying themselves enough in this P.R. nightmare to not have to dignify any sort of a retort. Then last night I saw this:

July 14, 2011

Atheism, A Viable Position?

Matthew 18:19-20
Let's ask Gary, who responds with,

Atheism is not a viable position: Why?

1) It is impossible to prove there is no being having the attributes of power, intellect and morality commonly attributed to the supreme being we call God.

Atheists themselves admit this. Thus having no possible proof of their position, it requires blind faith alone to sustain it. Incredible arrogance is also within them to assume there is no God.

2) It is impossible to use anything at all in the known universe as evidence of no God.

This is self-evident.
Thus atheism has no evidential foundations and cannot by any artifice of language be logical.

3) To claim there is no God requires infinite knowledge of all things, or, sufficient knowledge of the entire universe (and/or multiverse, if true) -which is impossible to obtain in one human life time- to be able to point to reasonable proof.

4) The belief that there is no God is thus based on blind faith alone since no evidence of his non-existence exists.

Yet atheists refuse to believe all evidence of any kind for his existence, therefore they live in perpetual, willful denial of 10s of 1000s of observed realities.

July 13, 2011

Atheism Is A Lack Of Belief?

"You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality" ~Ayn Rand

Atheism is a lack of belief? They claim it is, we hear this all the time. It's the Atheists slam dunk to do a hands off to the evidence of God.

Let's examine the claim.



1.the doctrine or belief that there is no god.
2.disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

OK its a disbelief of things, not a lack. So lets examine the definition of disbelief.



1. the inability or refusal to believe or to accept something as true.
2. amazement; astonishment:

July 12, 2011

Atheists Are The Antichrist

I was using satire to make a point about free speech to someone else. Now, I just knew it would come back at me, in the form of a quote mine as it did, but something else happened that I didn't expect.

Our (Atheistic?) friend Alex B said to me:

"DAN, you and your ilk are no better than any other conspiracy theorists - you make ludicrous, evidence free assertions, and claim that those who disagree are trying to 'silence' you, whilst making ridiculous threats *against* those [who] point out how bonkers your claims are.

It's truly pathetic, and makes your religion look extremely foolish."

My response was:


>>It's truly pathetic, and makes your religion look extremely foolish.

Wait a minute. Let's just say that you are right and I am doing ALL those things that you claim. You end it with this? A fallacious argument called a hasty generalization? Even if I did those things, you attempt to throw out the baby (Jesus?) with the bathwater as a comfort to deny Christ. That sir makes you an Antichrist not a non-theist or an Atheist.

To quote Gary, "This is like condemning the whole USA for what some soldiers did in VietNam."

"Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son." ~ 1 John 2:22

"And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world." ~1 John 4:3

"Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time." ~1 John 2:18

You see, This is a perfect example that this is the goal for some Atheists. They want to find reasons to justify denying God. They use excuses all the time here. These are NOT reasons why you do not follow Christ, being in utter contempt towards his followers. It doesn't matter what kind of person I am, be it a liar, murderer, or pure evil what you have is gripes and complaints, and nothing more.

"They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us." ~1 John 2:19

July 11, 2011

I'm Over "The Ledge"

I just heard a movie that is out called "the Ledge" where "This unusual, character-driven thriller follows young hotel manager Gavin (Charlie Hunnam), who steps out onto a high ledge to commit suicide. World-weary police officer Hollis (Terrence Howard) is assigned to talk him down but is tormented by traumatic issues of his own. The men find themselves debating atheism, faith and the meaning of life, and soon are embroiled in a battle of wills that has each man questioning his commitment to his chosen path." ~Netflix

Outspoken Atheist director Matthew Chapman (great-great grandson of Charles Darwin) said he hopes his new film, "The Ledge, will help audiences view atheists in a more positive way."

Wow, huge surprise from this lineage, that a Christian is the villain in the movie huh?

This is no surprise what Hollywood in general does to push their Godless and Liberal agenda. Remember, not too long ago even, all the main characters in Hollywood movies use to smoke to promote smoking. They are doing the same about the subject of God in vilifying, or denying, Him. Like smoking though, they will be horribly wrong and will turn tail. Unfortunately, it may be too late for some by the time they do. Just like smoking.

July 5, 2011

Independence Day Indeed

The Atheists had contracted to fly banners over ballparks and large Fourth of July gatherings but they had one big problem – 80% of the pilots hired refused to fly their "God-LESS" message.

Let's be clear: It is the Atheist's First Amendment right to speak their opinion – but it is also the pilots' right to refuse to promote their message. I applaud these pilots for knowing their rights and for having the courage to stand for what they believe in.

We are so blessed to live in "one nation, under God" and it is our responsibility and our privilege to protect the rights and liberties we have been Him.


On the American Atheists own website some comments were:

"The first statement can easily be read to imply "Atheism is Patriotic, Religion is Not," by a biased viewer. Point of fact: biased viewers comprise most of the intended audience. Why put it up in the first place?"

June 23, 2011

Hurt Feelings?

These days the atheists are acting very sensitive and whining about how their feelings are hurt because they glance at a cross or become offended because someone says the word God somewhere. Hogwash! Should we adjust our standards of living to accommodate their standards of living because these supposedly hyper sensitive people are offended?

Nope! Thankfully to God Almighty, the courts still have some sense to thwart these types of attacks  and the 7th Circuit dismisses the Atheists legal challenge to National Day of Prayer. What I found interesting in the finding is that just because their feelings were hurt DOES NOT mean its grounds for injury.

“Hurt feelings differ from legal injury,” the appeals court said in Freedom From Religion Foundation v. Obama.

This is on the heals of a street being named “Seven in Heaven Way

Christians certainly have to ride the buses with those offensive signs plastered all over that say "There's probably no God". I do not see the Atheists complaining that our rights are violated.  That gets me thinking though, if it was a deliberate act to remove rights of others, like these Atheists themselves are doing, there might be a case. We have more of a case then the Atheists because we are expressing ourselves, the Atheists are literally ATTACKING our expressions and freedoms. 

May 24, 2011

Dr. William Lane Craig's Fanboy

Is there any wonder why I love Dr. William Lane Craig and many Atheists despise him? I can see why now y'all call him names and attempt to discount him. He is, quite literally, dangerous to your beliefs and religion. God has certainly blessed this man. Wow, that just had to hurt. His cuts run deep, although I doubt this will be acknowledged by any Atheists. These 5 points would be a good poster on my wall.

5 things that cannot be scientifically evidenced, but we're all rational to accept:

1. Logical and mathematical truths, science presupposes logic and math.
2. Metaphysical truths. Like the universe was created 5 minutes ago with the appearance of age.
3. Ethical beliefs and statements of value
4. Aesthetic judgments. Beautiful, like the good, cannot be scientifically proven
5. Science ITSELF cannot be justified by the scientific method. Its also permeated with unprovable assumptions.

May 19, 2011

Set An Extra Plate On May 21st, 2011?

Shall we set a place for Christ at dinner time? Hardly. Craziness is upon us though.

Someone linked to me a pretty good description of the case built for the perceived Judgment Day, that we're all hopeful for, in a few days. May 21,2011 to be exact.

Now the thought of it does, I will admit, get me giddy as a school girl inside. To rationally believe it will happen? I cannot trust it. The Bible says not to. Way too much has to happen, as described in the Bible, that yet has come to fruition.

Gulp, I just said this as Obama was speaking about Israel today. Yikes! (More on that in a moment)

Don't get me wrong I am one to believe the winding clock is losing its spring tension and that stopping moment is very near. All evidence points to it. It will be abrupt and sudden but not in a few days. We all can feel the apocalyptic times we are currently in though. If you don't feel it winding down, then you're in denial.

I cannot relate to a time back when Christians saw Hitler come into power and sold everything and waited around for the Messiah's coming, only to be very disappointed when He never got there. I wasn't there to feel such a powerful time, as a believer might have. I would like to think I wouldn't of run around like a headless chicken, but I would have certainly discussed the possibility if it was actually that time or not. This brings me to this post's point. Why set ourselves up for falls and further skepticism? It just does not make sense AT ALL. Who cares if you're right or wrong first?

I believe its merely a money thing. It makes a great story to sell. What else can it be? A Cure for Cancer will not even hit the media headlines, if money is not involved! Its all for money, the love of which is the root of ALL evil.

Fill the pews for a few days? Fill the collection plates? Why? What happens on May 22nd? Empty pews again. We should NEVER want to merely fill the pews or go after the quick buck in book sales. We seek to get soundly saved Christians, for all eternity, no matter when Christ comes. The urgency is there, but an exact date? Dangerous and pointless.

The Bible is clear that NO MAN, or angel, will know that exact date when Christ comes. Period. How do we KNOW this?

May 16, 2011

Are Atheists Being Targeted?

Are Atheists in a Filter Bubble of sorts? Possibly! That is why its important for Blogs like this one. We have even noticed that Google is dropping certain comments entirely here, even mine. They're not even thrown into Spam (that only Google decides what is or what is not).

Google we're watching you closely.

Can you imagine a world where all the tools needed for critical thinking are filtered out and erased? How can we make informed and educated decisions, with the informed and educated part removed and filtered out? Shame on you Google. Please change and STOP BEING EVIL!

Patty just said, "Reminds me of Wall-E. How soon we will just be fat blobs that get fed and moved along on conveyor belts being entertained by fluff TV."

How horrible of a thought that is. Just misinformed Atheists blindly on a conveyor belt heading to Hell. Keep searching and discussing with real people, not bot algorithms! We're here for you.

April 27, 2011

Humanist Religion Reigns

Humanism is not such a new religion at all. It literally has been around since humans existed. It can even be linked to Eve who questioned God's authority, and inserted her own. We have had people that believe self is the ultimate authority forever, such as today's Humanist/Atheist. These days, they're just getting more organized as other religions have.

Also, please spare us the argument that attempts to separate Atheism and Humanism. Sure there are exception, like the fringe group the Raelians, but for the most part they're one in the same.

Atheists will certainly deny they are a part of any religion yet we have made the case over and over again. (Insert past posts here)

I have even made the point that they worship the same god as Satanists. Recently though, they are really trying to branch out on their own, although the philosophy is still the same as the Satanists. Its probably because Satanism is just horrible PR. Atheists are now organizing themselves as a true religion. We read today that "atheist groups are lobbying for a chaplain in the U.S. military. The advocates hope to gain representation for what they say is a large population of nonbelievers in the military." I would think that they cannot deny it any longer. I could be wrong.

This is also on the heels of the release of the Atheist bible affectionately called "the good book". A Bible knock off of purely secular writings and philosophy.

April 19, 2011

At The Office Today

 Well it looks like I was called into work today at Aperture Lab. So if you need me I will be "at the office" with my kids. It looks as if a lot of people are being called into the office today. If you don't understand...just catch up.

April 15, 2011

Santa Syndrome

We have discussed this subject of Santa many times here, but its catching on quite a bit as evidenced by what Ricky Gervais just said (strong language aside) on the Daily Show. So let's reference to this post in the future.

A few days ago I watched a video of , who is discussing about this very subject many times in his videos and dubbed the term "Santa Syndrome" in 2006, he pointed out this video from that drives the point home well:

April 9, 2011

Pity For The Hellbound?

P1. "The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, doing abominable iniquity." ~ Psalm 14:1

P2. "I pity the fool!" ~ Mr. T

P3. "God hates the guilty unrepentant sinners." (Psalm 5:5, Psalm 11:5, Lev. 20:23, Proverbs 6:16-19, Hosea 9:15) ~ Me, Christian

P4. "Pity for the guilty is treason to the innocent." ~ Ayn Rand, Atheist

P5. Jesus is innocent. (1 Peter 1:19)

The logical conclusion is... No

April 7, 2011

April Thunderfool

I wanted to wait a few days as to not confuse people of this post being a joke in of itself. This is a serious matter that needs to be exposed and addressed. Our friend Larry Murphy points out the blindness (blinders) that the Atheists so often have.

Atheists are seeking to find justifications for their rebellion towards Christians and God. Its as simple as that. The argument has been made over and over as Atheists are anti-Christian, its not just all religions. Certainly not Buddhism and Taoism since they're atheistic in themselves.

I just want to make the point how irrational Atheists are sometimes in feeling that we are a real threat to their way of living, as the New Science article, 'Religion is irrational, but so is atheism', pointed out. (If you do not wish to sign up to read the full article, HERE it is)

Everyone should be aware of, and understand, that most of the Atheists here have a true moral opposition to Christianity as we continually point out. Hopefully, some are catching on to the fact that Atheists are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness to avoid accountability to God. It is the ultimate act of rebellion against Him and reveals the professing Atheist's contempt toward God.

The more accurate battle for the Atheist here, is an internal one. We should be grateful that the internal dialog is still active in some. There is still hope in them. When that dialog dies out, and they settle in on the cult of science (even if it doesn't address important questions like purpose) they then drink the kool-aid of their own religion of modern secularism. All is then, lost. Most just go one step further and wish harm, or place their sites on, the messenger also. We're the problem in their eyes. If eradicated, all laws would be 'secularized' and all can act as if there is no accountability, but to self. That is just not the case. If we do anything at all, we are here to remind you of that point.

"They have now surrounded our steps; they set their eyes to cast us to the ground." ~

March 30, 2011

Planned Parenthood Lies Continue!

Planned Parenthood CEO’s False Mammogram Claim Exposed.

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 30–A series of new undercover phone calls reveals that contrary to the claims of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and other supporters of the nation’s largest abortion chain, the organization does not provide mammograms for women.

"PP is not able to provide quality services on their own, so they are forced to lie to the public about services they don't provide--and mammograms are just one of those services."

In the tapes,...(Read More)

Call and write Congress to have them revoke all taxpayer subsidies from Planned Parenthood.

March 12, 2011

Atheism: Bleak Worthless Ideology

These harsh words, that cannot be argued against effectively, are from an article named:

The “No God” Religion. ~ Nana Yiadom


March 10, 2011

Personal Revelations

Reynold said,

>>And no, I'm not referring to the bible. I'm referring to that other "revelation" that you claim to have had.

Look, I cannot explain every personal revelation in my life, a past post tried to list some of the examples, but two that are examinable are the Bible and the nature around us. How do I know this? God revealed it. God revealed that He can be trusted. God revealed this as His work.

>>Why in hell have none of US [Atheists] had this "revelation"?

Oh but you have. You just deny God, His Word, and His revelations. You ignore the signs. No surprise there. Are you seeking God as instructed in His Word. Are you placing Him, in faith, as first in your life as He requires? If not, its no wonder that any personal revelations are squelched. I have hundreds of personal stories that points to God.

I will appease you with one.

It was two years after reading the Bible for the very first time in my life. I believe I was 25 or so. A cranky older woman had a flat tire one Sunday morning and pulled up to where I was working. She barked for me to call a tow truck because she had a flat. She was very short. I said I would change it for her if she had the spare. So, in record time I might add, I changed it. She tried to hand me money. I refused. She forcefully insisted. She was getting angry even. I stopped her and said "If I take your money then I changed that tire for a different reason then I did it for" She stopped in shock, started to cry. She said in her 80 years that has never happened to her. She placed both her old cold hands on my face and said something like "you gave me faith again" whatever that meant. She thanked me and left still crying many tears. It was moving. Is it a mere coincidence that an elderly jaded hardened lady had a flat tire at my place to have some semblance of hope in humanity restored?

But the real kicker to what happened is I saw God for what He is. Love. It moved me more then it moved that lady I believe. I am still in awe as to witness that lady's metamorphose. I still cannot stop thinking of that then cranky woman. I am grateful for that day. I am certain that she will be there to greet me when I pass. How do I know? God is revealing it to me as I am writing this. He is placing unquestionable assurance in my soul and instincts. How is He doing that? I have no clue.

I am sure you have an atheistic naturalistic counter as to what may have happened, but it will be a pointless exercise to convince me otherwise. It would be like trying to convince me that I am a lion trapped in a man's body, or something else just as absurd.

Has anything happened to you that you would be hard pressed to explain it away, even as a mere coincidence?

March 2, 2011

Planned Parenthood, Rape Aid!

Lets even say there were no videos exposing these things at all (which their are). To have a policy to help 13 year old's, or younger, get abortions without parental consent, or alerting the authorities, is aiding in rape. Statutory rape is still rape.

They NEVER ask, and don't care, for the father to be present to see for themselves, as an investigation tool if nothing else, to identify if a rape has indeed occurred or not. They DON'T CARE if it did happen. They just HIDE it. They are accomplices to rapists if by their POLICY ALONE. They do not aid the raped, they aid rapists!

February 25, 2011

Atheists Epistemological Lacking

In our continued search to help explain reality to the Atheists, as a public service, I stumbled upon something that was very interesting and rare. It was a systematic argumentation from Van Til's work as well as something from another Christian philosopher named Alvin Plantinga.

Putting these two arguments together as one syllogism, makes the argument for God and knowledge. Also included in the paper was some juicy nuggets of logic that will be interesting to watch Atheists attempt to counter. The paper goes in to lengthy detail behind the entire argument. So, if you want any explanation of a point in question, please refer to the paper written. I am merely pointing to the argument, in its entirety, so we can present it to the Atheists.

Maybe an Atheist can come up with a systematic argumentation of their beliefs for the purpose of accountability of their reasoning. I have yet come across such a paper, if it even exists. It would be quite helpful to flesh out the truth if it were presented to us. Takers?

The Paper:

February 24, 2011

What a Loftus!

Just noticed an article, that John wrote for a website, called "Top 10 Misconceptions About Atheists"

I addressed the points already there in the article comments, but I thought I would just re-post them here to have a reference to them for a later date if needed, you know for future dogma. Enjoy.

10) Maybe not, but you cannot claim its morally wrong to do so. If you do you have just invoked a moral law, or standard in raising that claim that your worldview cannot account for. That is your presupposition of the claim, is it not? Otherwise, the claim self destructs. Google "atheists eat babies"

9) But LaVeyan teachings are based on individualism, self-control, and "eye for an eye" morality. Certainly not a literal worship of any being other than the self. That would be defeating the whole purpose of the Satanic Bible in the first place. Atheists do worship the same god as Satanists and that is self.

February 18, 2011

Purpose Driven Blog

Wem, Atomic, et al,

Atomic Chimp states,
>>"Dan, You don't have to give up your belief in a god, just admit that your BS doesn't work."

By work do you mean to give an account and a reason of the hope that is in me? Because, hopefully, I have done that.

Wem adds,
>>"Agreed. Presupposition fails to convince, and it leads to fatal inconsistencies for its adherents' worldviews."

Well that is not the purpose and you're wrong. As you have been told before, my argument is not intended to be convincing, I am merely commanded to speak the truth, 'convincing' is out of my hands. As for the perceived fatal inconsistencies, I will quote Van Til in a minute for that.

February 7, 2011

Predestination for Atheists?

A while ago Stan, the Half-Truth Teller claimed "It's funny, really, that among the few philosophical points on which many atheists and theists can agree is the notion of predestination...predestination is analogous to Atheism..."

Today he asks "According to [you and Christian theology], did god plan for there to be a hell, populated by the vast majority of humanity for eternity?"

We were discussing a few days ago about the order of God's choices. So it might be interesting then to explore things further to understand Atheists viewpoints in relationship to predestination.

A couple of terms that needs to be fleshed out, infralapsarianism and supralapsarianism which are terms used to describe differences of the perceived order of God's work in salvation.

In infralapsarianism the order is as follows: 1) God created, 2) God permitted the fall, 3) God elected some out of this fallen state to be saved, 4) God provided a Redeemer for the elect, and 5) God sent the Holy Spirit to apply redemption to the elect.

In supralapsarianism the order is as follows: 1) God elected some to be saved and some not to be saved, 2) God created, 3) God permitted the fall, 4) God provided a Redeemer for the elect, and 5) God sent the Holy Spirit to apply redemption to the elect.

February 1, 2011

Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring

Planned Parenting was caught covering up the statutory rape of underage girls and enabling sexual abusers. Well, now Planned Parenting wants to "help out" Pimps also.

Caught on Tape: Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring

Contact: Colleen O'Boyle, media@liveaction.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , (323) 454-3304

NEW JERSEY – February 1, 2011– A Planned Parenthood manager in New Jersey coaches a man and a woman posing as sex traffickers how to secure secret abortions, STD testing, and contraception for their female underage sex slaves, and make their whole operation “look as legit as possible” in an undercover video released this morning.

January 21, 2011


A dear friend of all of ours, Jill Stanek, wanted everyone to know what is going on this day. These are very sad days, and we MUST talk about this subject as a society.

Now, Jill Stanek , an RN, became nationally known for discovering and subsequent whistle blowing, the practice of “live birth abortions” at her hospital. This took on national implications during the 2008 presidential campaign when it became known Barack Obama opposed legislation to stop infanticide as an Illinois state senator.

Understand that this was the same state where Jill found these “live birth abortions” being performed. Obama opposed the bill!

Jill was even named as the “Worst Person in the World!” by MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann on June 4, 2009.

Even yesterday, former Sen. Rick Santorum is thankfully still screaming about Obama's position on Abortion, "Santorum notes that for decades, slavery allowed African-Americans to be treated like property. And he says fetuses are denied the right to life because they are considered property."

This day is also on the heels of some absolutely horrific evil that all of you may have heard of. First, the multimillionaire Kermit Gosnell was thankfully caught and arrested for using scissors to snip the many babies spines that he was aborting that had survived.

January 14, 2011

Freddies Faith Is Dead

In our continued discussions, we are getting hung up on something that I wish to put to bed, and post about to reference in the future when someone says that laws are merely descriptive, not prescriptive, etc.

So it was asked of Freddies Dead, the avatar or description for a real person, "Also, what observation has led you to believe that “A” CANNOT BE both “A” and “not A” at the same time and in the same way?"

Update: At the time, his response to this question was "Here you're asking me to give a proof for a law I suspect may not actually be absolute, lol."

This question is to flush out the logical misstep of this non believer. Its also to help others understand what is actual, fact and truth. That laws by nature are not only absolute (unchanging in principle), but prescriptive.

I went on with, "You see, just the definition of that law implies prescriptiveness – (CANNOT BE, not ISN’T)"

January 11, 2011

Arbitrary Atheists

THE APOLOGETIC FRONT: Are Atheists Arbitrary in their Reasoning?

How to...The Bible Explained In 11 Minutes

Does a British[?] accent make a better narrator then an New Zealand one? Time will tell. I do love the delivery because its explained well. Please watch.

Also, CS Lewis drives it home here:

January 6, 2011

Where Are the Atheists in Congress?

"Rounding out the non-Christians are Buddhists and Muslims, with a combined 5 members." ~The Atlantic

We did notice that Congress was reading the Constitution line by line on the floor. (When all else fails, read the instructions) Now they are on to something!

January 5, 2011

If We Were All At A BBQ...

I was wondering what it would be like if all of us all got together to eat some BBQ and enjoy some good conversation. Well, I got a glimpse of that today, join me. Also, if you ever wondered how a baby from Sye and Ray would turn out, I give you Chad!

[Embeded has been disabled by owner Chad, for some reason]

Just sit back and enjoy. Mike also confirms this quote, "If you believe in evolution and naturalism then you have a reason not to think your faculties are reliable." ~Plantinga

I also noticed that Yaeger's Law was confirmed, yet again.

January 3, 2011

New Year's Revelation

My "New Year's Revelation" has been a real eye opener for me. It has changed much of what I have believed in the past, and now future, for the better.

In the past, I could not justify the disregard for the Old Testament, the supposed dispensational
structure of God's revelation and dealings believed in dispensationalism, and went on a journey to find that Biblical justification for such positions. I am hungry for truth, after all.

That quest had lead me to various discussions with Christians, and Atheists, about my beliefs and justification for them. The battles won, in part, was because my beliefs were Biblically grounded and my counterparts could not justify their reasoning behind their beliefs. Without boring you with entirety of my very lengthy past discussions, although interesting they (Shea and Moose) were, I want to just point to the conclusions.

Just recently, the beginnings of this revelation came from reading a book by Dr. Greg Bahnsen called "No Other Standard" and Bahnsen argues against some positions taken against the subject of Theonomic Ethics. A term that I never heard of before reading that book, but it was a free book offered written by Dr. Bahnsen, so I was in. It turns out, it delt with this exact subject that I was having with the Christian, Shea, a believer in  dispensationalism, but I didn't know it at the time. Our views clashed and could not come to a common agreement which kept me searching as to why what I know as truth, was so radically different from what I thought was the beliefs of the most common Christian Community.

Many of you know my positions about my limited governments, free markets, and of course Presuppositionalism and so on. I also have many controversial positions held about dietary laws, holidays, etc. Its not the normal positions held by many, if not most, Christians out there. In fact, many Atheists agree with me on many things with one glaring exception, of course.

In my search, (read 'research') I found another term I was unfamiliar with until, literally, this year. Admittedly, it was a little comforting to place a label of what my core beliefs are.

I understand that there are controversial positions within this label, and we will flush them out in future posts. I am satisfied with what I believe in and will explore them more in relation to these labels. I find it quite compelling that I come to my beliefs before this revealed term before it was even known. We must be on to something here.

If I had to make one, my new year's resolution would be to continue my research and post about these things in the future, but I am in bliss, relieved, and at peace as to this new found term for myself, and my core beliefs.

I am simply, an advocate and a believer in a Christian Theonomy but man can't do it alone. We NEED the 2nd coming for that fruition. 

January 1, 2011

25 years of TAG

From: Defending Christian Theism,

"As 2010 draws to a close, it seems hard to believe that it has been 25 years since Greg Bahnsen’s presuppositional apologetic first laid waste to atheistic philosophy in his debate with Gordon Stein. It was in that debate that Bahnsen referred to Van Til’s presuppositional approach as the "Transcendental Argument for God" or TAG. The short sloganized version of the argument is Van Til’s statement that the Christian God exists because of the impossibility of the contrary.

Since that time there has been plenty written about TAG – a lot of it more noise and confusion based on a total misapprehension of the issues involved in the argument..."

...(Read More)

*Note to all:

Thanks for the support, thanks for the discussions, thanks for time spent getting to know one another. I am humbled to how much I have learned in this short year. I appreciate you helping me understand more about you. Thank you all, for an interesting 2010. Personally, I am looking forward to another new year of Debunking Atheists.