November 27, 2009

Atheists Borrow From Christianity, Yet Again

According to Times Online,

"The two children chosen to front Richard Dawkins’s latest assault on God could not look more free of the misery he associates with religious baggage. With the slogan “Please don’t label me. Let me grow up and choose for myself”, the youngsters with broad grins seem to be the perfect advertisement for the new atheism being promoted by Professor Dawkins and the British Humanist Association."

"Except that they are about as far from atheism as it is possible to be. The Times can reveal that Charlotte, 8, and Ollie, 7, are from one of the country’s most devout Christian families"

"A spokeswoman for the BHA admitted that the images had been taken from a photo website, and said it was unaware of the religious beliefs of the young models."

Silly Dick.

Also a valid point was made in a follow up article. "It’s a fantasy to imagine that children can be raised in a philosophically neutral environment without some dominant world-view."

"Contemporary secular humanists are largely unable to explain to children why their freedom and autonomy have any significance, why their life has any meaning – and this is why the exaltation of freedom proposed in this poster feels a bit hollow. If you really want your children to be free, you need to tell them why their freedom matters, and help them appreciate some of the values they might pursue. And to do that, you need to use at least a few labels."

Forcing Dick's agenda on children is dogmatic as any religion out there. From a Washington Post article "The American Humanist Association has a real problem with the public expression of religion. Yet, it's website says the organization is celebrating "a new kind of holiday tradition." The AHA is holding "the first-ever nation-wide humanist holiday" to "promote the humanist movement and our ethical life philosophy." The organization has its own philosophy, holidays, and is on a proselytizing campaign to convert others to follow its belief system......sounds a lot like a religion to me."

Atheism is a religion indeed.

November 16, 2009

Epigenetic Switches

I did a post a while ago called Science needs a better god. I was pointing out how man is intervening with the natural order that God set out. The adverse effects of such manipulations with genetic engineering are yet to be determined and may pose a real problem with mankind.

We also recently, in the comments of a past post, were discussing IVF's and abortions. It reminded me of this show I watched on PBS a while back. I was able to find it and I will link to it here.

The old saying of "you are what you eat" is not fully accurate anymore. A more accurate saying would be "your grandchildren are what you eat" There is something going on in the science industry that is fascinating. They are discovering something called Epigenetic switches in our epigenome, in that, the environment has a huge role in the development of many generations.

In relation to the IVF's that we were discussing they have found diseases to form by the mere fact that the kids were IVF babies. God's perfect plan is being manipulated and pushed aside for our desires and the results are bad. We must trust God.

God has designed a system that, if manipulated improperly, has very dire and adverse consequences. While the scientists of today genetically alter our milk, vegetables, meats, our environment through pesticides and insecticides, and such could trigger some of these switches that can be dire for our grandchildren survival. Vaccines may be causing more harm then we could ever imagine. Our intake, our stresses, our lifestyles all effect our great grandchildren.

Mankind is manipulating the environment too much.

Also in an older post, called In the cult of science, it was pointed out "Technology and science, though they are cumulative and have improved, in many ways, the lives of people within the industrialized nations, have also unleashed the most horrific forms of violence and death, and let's not forget, environmental degradation, in human history."

The negative effects of these manipulations are yet to be fully understood. We may see some horrible things happen to our families in the near future. Our genomes are being manipulated at an alarming rate and should be understood better before blatant, if any, manipulation.

We hear in commercials of all these 'serious' side effects warnings that the pharmaceuticals have on our bodies, one can only imagine what effect they will have on our great grandchildren.

So who do you trust God or man's plan?

Please watch the show. It will be worth it and may get you to think of the lifestyle that you are living. We are truely the ambassadors to our genetic code for our future generations. Live a lifestyle that is pleasing to our genome and God.

The show is called "Ghost in your Genes", it is too important to miss in my opinion. Please consider watching it.

Atheists places too much trust in Man, this show may help you understand, yet another reason, how wrong that viewpoint (worldview) may be.

A good tree will bear good fruit. We must keep God's Creations more sacred then we are. As I said, Science has no moral rudder and the ship is adrift. Our future may depend on you understanding this point.

Ghost in your Genes, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

November 15, 2009

The Skeptic

"The skeptic sees God revealed in nature and doubts Him, sees God revealed in Scripture and doubts Him, sees God revealed in the worship of countless believers and doubts Him, sees God revealed even as the object of his own doubt -- and doubts Him. The skeptic has no wish to believe, for he finds in doubt a religion absolved of any requirement to prove itself, an anti-faith whose god reveals himself nowhere -- not in nature, not in scripture, not in the worship of the mass of mankind. How clever it is of skepticism, having nothing to offer as a faith, to pose as doubt."

~ Robert Brault

November 1, 2009

From Personhood USA

We need your help and the children need a voice of reason. Please help us and join us to take back our rights.

"I've Noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born." Ronald Reagan