January 13, 2010

Evolutionists Were Wrong Again

Once again it was reported today that Evolutionists were wrong about something... yet again.

Evidently the "Scientists find big differences in Y chromosomes of men, chimps"

I did find the first comment in the article spot on when it says:

"No, it may indicate that the human didn't come from the ape to begin with.

Funny how that logical possibility didn't even occur to them."

This article reminded me of another article that I read last year called

Evolution of the appendix: A biological 'remnant' no more.

In a past post it was mentioned that "Evolutionary theory artificially rules out a kind of cause before it has a chance to speak by the evidence. The cause of intelligence. This is why they pigeon hole themselves and scientists often wear, with pride, the title of metaphysical naturalism. Does anyone now see the dangers of scientists taking philosophical positions such as this?"

Someday, hopefully soon, they will understand they are going down a rabbit hole and getting deeper and deeper into a failed religion of falsehood.


January 4, 2010

Richard Dawkins is a bigot

I just read something entertaining from an Atheist and thought I would link to it for the Dick fans out there.

Even some Atheists are noticing and exposing this joker. That is quite refreshing.

Richard Dawkins is a bigot

January 1, 2010

2010 AD

I hope everyone had a great year as we start another. In reflection, I was amazed how much in denial that Atheists were about many subjects that dealt with God. I have learned a great deal about the Atheistic mindset since I started this blog.

I also found it fascinating that Atheists cannot even bring themselves to say anything that relates to Jesus. It appears to infuriate them. In these past years, some have blasphemed His name, call Him derogatory names instead of being respectful by calling Him Jesus, God, Yahweh, Elohim, Yahshua, or Yeshua bar Yosef, for these are fighting words for the Atheists apparently.

They even had to rename our dating system for themselves to fit their worldview and now attempts to disguise it and use CE (Common Era) and BCE (before Common Era) instead of what it always has been, BC (before Christ) and AD or Anno Domini (Latin for "In the year of our Lord").

So when you were celebrating this New year we all understand that you were really celebrating, another year in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Deny it all you want, find some intellectually palatable means to disguise something, but denial is just that.

I believe it was Steven Weinberg who said, in a interview with Jonathan Miller, that "there is a mystery" in life, "why that theory and not another?" That, as scientists, "we are permanently in a tragic position of not being able to fully understand the reasons of things being the way they are." Dr. Weinberg believes that there is no necessary conflict with science and religion since he knows many scientists that are believers of God.

He did say, poetically I might add, "Science didn't make religion impossible, but it made irreligious possible." I would say the same for evolution.

Dr. Weinberg said "I don't like God" of the Bible. From his vantage point God is a "terrible Character". Right after 9/11/01 he said religion by force is very dangerous and religions with that worldview are the dangerous ones, like radical Islamic believers. He also said that "most physicists cannot call themselves practicing Atheists" for that reason.

He said "As a scientist I care about searching for truth and the theory of the world. Christianity provides an alternative theory of the world. Now that, I have something to say about, I can interact with, I can respond to. On the other hand, if someone just doesn't want to eat pork or kill cows (like Hinduism), or whatever it is, then more power to them, it has nothing to do with me, there is no argument there."

I believe that is why we, as fundamentalist Atheists and Christians, enjoy discussing these things with each other. Because we cannot do anything without a theory. There is no discussion without them. That is why these liberal Christians are not as enjoyable to have a conversations with, because they believe in anything that comes along without standing on a theory.

Speaking of liberal Christians, Dr. Henry Morris said "Perhaps the more sad commentary is that only Christian scholars compromise their position on the creation of the world. The evolutionists and atheists do not."

So as we go into a new decade of Debunking Atheists, keep in mind that the Atheists are not the same as science. Science is attempting to figure out the theory of the world, Atheists are attempting to push their own worldview, agenda, or as I say religion.