June 23, 2011

Hurt Feelings?

These days the atheists are acting very sensitive and whining about how their feelings are hurt because they glance at a cross or become offended because someone says the word God somewhere. Hogwash! Should we adjust our standards of living to accommodate their standards of living because these supposedly hyper sensitive people are offended?

Nope! Thankfully to God Almighty, the courts still have some sense to thwart these types of attacks  and the 7th Circuit dismisses the Atheists legal challenge to National Day of Prayer. What I found interesting in the finding is that just because their feelings were hurt DOES NOT mean its grounds for injury.

“Hurt feelings differ from legal injury,” the appeals court said in Freedom From Religion Foundation v. Obama.

This is on the heals of a street being named “Seven in Heaven Way

Christians certainly have to ride the buses with those offensive signs plastered all over that say "There's probably no God". I do not see the Atheists complaining that our rights are violated.  That gets me thinking though, if it was a deliberate act to remove rights of others, like these Atheists themselves are doing, there might be a case. We have more of a case then the Atheists because we are expressing ourselves, the Atheists are literally ATTACKING our expressions and freedoms.