December 21, 2019

We'll do it live.

Fuck it, we're going live. We'll do it live.

Start here:

I befriended what I thought was the pit bull versions of myself, cuz they are my brothers and sisters in America, to witness and reason with them. As it turns out, they're closer to Huskies.

So, I'm trying to relate what they're saying to Biblical truth. It's sloppy and I keep going, telling the story & reasoning to stop their intentions. To warn. To challenge.

My entire argument:

Update: Did my best to summarize it starting here on my channel: and here in my group:


Read the REST after this point to today. It explains most. Ephesians 6:12

Telegram App may be required to read, it's public tho but new text is a new link in numerical succession. I'm flowing comments, it's chaos at times. Eventually, I find her crew.

I've been shadowbanned or censored by Apple/Jewggle so a direct download is only way to see me at

I started my Ministry because you the atheistic worldviews injured my son with mandatory vaccinations from the public school system.

I decided to declare war against those individuals that hurt my child. I spent the entire Ministry looking for Satan. I found her. Did you?



I see Joo

Today, my manifesto continues to sharpen, to address the current problems. 

What a glorious journey of eye opening love for Jesus Christ even more.

But wait, there's more. I voted for the only one to handle the job, a bully's bully. The one that must right the injustice in America or we're done. I can never vote LEFT, Biden is an obvious criminal. He will destroy our Republic.

Research discovered President Trump is a, hopefully repentant, Freemason and QAnon has a plan they want us to trust, and for now we have no choice. God help our Republic. Justice is lacking, but I understand we're at war. We must head in a better direction than corporate sponsors for Burn Loot Murder and Gov. sponsored AntiFa. The Synagogue of Satan rules our government and industries, and its difficult to see who is with them seeking our destruction and who wars against (((them))) to Sheepdog the innocent being attacked. Hopefully I'm describing President Trump for that task. Time will reveal that. Nope, he's a Zionist. Ugh

4+ more years of justice returning will be prayers answered. Otherwise, judgment for us all. I'm angry as most, frustrated from my family being attacked for 2 decades, and content with any outcome thrown at us. God's will be done. Lord, my family is in your hands.


  1. Friend, how do you square "Ministry" with making the www an unpleasant place by actually typing out the word "F***"?

    1. "Political correctness is a weapon used to silence people who tell the truth" ~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

      The world is not sugar and sweet, neither am I.

      Some sentence enhancers work best. No one, but God, tells me what to say. U not Him.

      Besides all that, I was referencing O'Reilly's flip out.

      GO HERE

    2. I wanted to point out that yes, Romans 6 may be the goal, but Romans 7:13-25 is our reality. We fail to glorify God. It's serves as evidence we're all in need of a Savior. We're at war, did you figure out with who yet? We were instructed that back channels are very important during these times. So, I did not flat out say what's happening here.

      I'm not suicidal, we're in danger, but I'm unafraid cuz God's in charge. It's God's plan.

    3. I wanted to add something you might benifit from, it's one of my Twitter comments.

  2. Well, just thought I would ask. I have done a tremendous amount of Atheism debunking myself. It seems that being much as they are is not helpful--"repent before the Most High graceful holy God and, btw, @!&$*" would not seem to make sense.
    In any case, it is God who tells us to be in the world but not of it and to "Let your conversation be always full of grace," etc. (Colossians 4:6).

  3. Thanks Ken fm Atheism is Dead. I didn't recognize you at first.

    Hope your family feels blessed during these war times. In a war setting, my gloves are off. The discussions must be had. Societal pleasantries get a sidebar during this very disgustingly sick Society. That Society gets my contempt and my foul words chastising these weak men.

    Blessings, Brother. I hear u tho, I look forward to not addressing such weakness with words like pathetic.

  4. No worries, just offering a helping hand since, indeed, I am routinely treated like trash by Atheists--and, byw, "pathetic" is not the term I was referring to ;o)
    Would you be interested in reviewing my books contra Atheism?
    If so, just say the word via my new home:


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