May 24, 2011

Dr. William Lane Craig's Fanboy

Is there any wonder why I love Dr. William Lane Craig and many Atheists despise him? I can see why now y'all call him names and attempt to discount him. He is, quite literally, dangerous to your beliefs and religion. God has certainly blessed this man. Wow, that just had to hurt. His cuts run deep, although I doubt this will be acknowledged by any Atheists. These 5 points would be a good poster on my wall.

5 things that cannot be scientifically evidenced, but we're all rational to accept:

1. Logical and mathematical truths, science presupposes logic and math.
2. Metaphysical truths. Like the universe was created 5 minutes ago with the appearance of age.
3. Ethical beliefs and statements of value
4. Aesthetic judgments. Beautiful, like the good, cannot be scientifically proven
5. Science ITSELF cannot be justified by the scientific method. Its also permeated with unprovable assumptions.

May 19, 2011

Set An Extra Plate On May 21st, 2011?

Shall we set a place for Christ at dinner time? Hardly. Craziness is upon us though.

Someone linked to me a pretty good description of the case built for the perceived Judgment Day, that we're all hopeful for, in a few days. May 21,2011 to be exact.

Now the thought of it does, I will admit, get me giddy as a school girl inside. To rationally believe it will happen? I cannot trust it. The Bible says not to. Way too much has to happen, as described in the Bible, that yet has come to fruition.

Gulp, I just said this as Obama was speaking about Israel today. Yikes! (More on that in a moment)

Don't get me wrong I am one to believe the winding clock is losing its spring tension and that stopping moment is very near. All evidence points to it. It will be abrupt and sudden but not in a few days. We all can feel the apocalyptic times we are currently in though. If you don't feel it winding down, then you're in denial.

I cannot relate to a time back when Christians saw Hitler come into power and sold everything and waited around for the Messiah's coming, only to be very disappointed when He never got there. I wasn't there to feel such a powerful time, as a believer might have. I would like to think I wouldn't of run around like a headless chicken, but I would have certainly discussed the possibility if it was actually that time or not. This brings me to this post's point. Why set ourselves up for falls and further skepticism? It just does not make sense AT ALL. Who cares if you're right or wrong first?

I believe its merely a money thing. It makes a great story to sell. What else can it be? A Cure for Cancer will not even hit the media headlines, if money is not involved! Its all for money, the love of which is the root of ALL evil.

Fill the pews for a few days? Fill the collection plates? Why? What happens on May 22nd? Empty pews again. We should NEVER want to merely fill the pews or go after the quick buck in book sales. We seek to get soundly saved Christians, for all eternity, no matter when Christ comes. The urgency is there, but an exact date? Dangerous and pointless.

The Bible is clear that NO MAN, or angel, will know that exact date when Christ comes. Period. How do we KNOW this?

May 16, 2011

Are Atheists Being Targeted?

Are Atheists in a Filter Bubble of sorts? Possibly! That is why its important for Blogs like this one. We have even noticed that Google is dropping certain comments entirely here, even mine. They're not even thrown into Spam (that only Google decides what is or what is not).

Google we're watching you closely.

Can you imagine a world where all the tools needed for critical thinking are filtered out and erased? How can we make informed and educated decisions, with the informed and educated part removed and filtered out? Shame on you Google. Please change and STOP BEING EVIL!

Patty just said, "Reminds me of Wall-E. How soon we will just be fat blobs that get fed and moved along on conveyor belts being entertained by fluff TV."

How horrible of a thought that is. Just misinformed Atheists blindly on a conveyor belt heading to Hell. Keep searching and discussing with real people, not bot algorithms! We're here for you.