August 31, 2012

RNC Fraud!

A friend of mine, named Chad, said "This is exactly what happened in Germany 1933.

Massive, massive, MASSIVE election fraud.

There are not enough courtrooms or lawyers or judges on the planet to handle the potential caseload.

And I sincerely hope EVERY liberty-minded person, Paul supporter, every liberty-minded Romney supporter, every liberty-minded Obama supporter, and every anybody-supporter...stands up and fights this with every ounce of their energy...or it is curtains for the "free" Republic of the United States of America."

August 28, 2012

All In The Family Time

We have been internalizing a bit over at the house, mostly dealing with family things. One big bit of news is that I am a grandfather of a T-minus 1 month old baby boy (due in mid October); Just turned 44 years old; Married 12 years to the most beautiful, talented, and loving wife; And kids are growing up so very fast; Also, the dogs are shredding everything we own. Plus, I read a good book that I might post about later. Good news for the Atheists in it.

I hope you all have the same great successes. I did see that the Atheist's hate messages, for their dogma recruitment, are getting some hate mail. Welcome to the club. "Useless Savior"? Once again the Atheists are confirming the Bible, yet again.
My blog has not been forgotten by me, it's just I have been on other websites discussing things. Some great conversations have been had, and I feel really blessed that God is with me in some of the heated discussions online, and even within my own family. I feel God working with us, strengthening us, helping us get closer to Him. I really feel at peace, and blessed.

Speaking of blogs, my geeky 11 year old daughter's picture just got a nod from the entire brony community by getting her picture, that she made, on the header of 233+ Million visitor Juggernaut blog called Equestria Daily. See what the benefits of Unschooling does? Her creativity is blossoming.

When God moves me to, I will post. Until then, I hope everyone's summer is as nice as ours has been so far.

Edit: They took the header down. When they say 15 minutes of fame, they really mean it.