September 19, 2008

Devil attacks!

For some reason my HD cannot find the OS. I will have to get a new HD and install a new OS and then transfer files over from the old HD if I can. I will try to reinstall the MBR after the transfer. In other words I am down for a couple.

I am sure you will survive without me.

I don't even like checking my email since my kids have Win ME...I know. But I will attempt to check it on occasion.


  1. Get Ubuntu. Yes, it's a little different than Windows, but it's vastly superior. Swallow your fear of change and give it a shot.

    I have been running Ubuntu on all of my "production" machines (two laptops and a tower) for just over a month now, and I'm not going back. As soon as I stop procrastinating, I'll migrate my server to Ubuntu as well. Free software, that works fantastically, and is infinitely less susceptible to viruses, malware, and phishing attacks than Windows.

    If you've got a Windows ME box still running, it's a prime initial candidate -- it's unqualified to visit teh intarwebs, due to its gaping security flaws, so drop a few Megabits of bandwidth and download Ubuntu. If you give it a shot, I doubt you'll want to go back.


    P.S. -- if I'm singing praises to Linux, then it has to be good. I was the staunchest supporter of Windows even after I quit working for Microsoft. Trust me, Ubuntu is easy and much, much better.

  2. As stan said, download Ubuntu, and burn it to disk. You should then be able to boot off it and transfer files across.

    Even if you don't install it, you will be able to recover your files fine.

  3. GL with the rebuild...

    And a big fat EWWWWW at WinME...

  4. Thanks Stan but I have tried to install ubuntu right when it first came out. Things didn't work entirely on my system and peripherals and what not so I went back.

    I wanted to (at the time) run my computer at 64 bit (SK8V and FX-51) also and Ubuntu didn't offer that so I went back. My kids 100 or so software programs for home school won't run either.

    Proprietary Microsoft, yuck!

    I do love Patty's Mac (OSX) though, never an issue and smooth all the time. If the games were equally supported I would move to Mac.

    My hub has a good hardware firewall so I am not too worried about attacks on my network.

    I am in the last week of something I am doing and I will have time to do all of this next week.


  5. Can't Macs run PC emulation? I have no idea whether it'd provide you the compatibility for your kids games or not...

  6. How do you know it was the devil's doing? Maybe it's your god testing you.

    (alternate line: "When god shut down your Windows, did he open any of your doors?")

  7. On new macs you can actually install true windows by partitioning the hard drive. Since it is native, when you boot up the machine under windows everything made for windows runs all right. When boot up under mac, everything runs all right. the MacOSX has a software to do the trick called bootcamp. It is truly like having two machines in one.

    If my kids needed windows I would rather buy two machines (my mac and the windows thing). But that is just me.



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