February 26, 2009

Woman Boss?

Women as bosses in the workplace are great. They know what they want, they understand how to persuade people. They battle for the right things and are, for the most part, ethically sound. They fit into the role quite well. Sometimes it's they're company, CEOs & Owners.

The women described in the Bible are not always homemakers and mothers. Obviously, the biological function (role it plays for its genetic success) of women is to produce children. However, Deborah was both a judge and leader of Israel. (Judges 4:4) Other women were involved in ridding Israel of her enemies. (Judges 4:21) Quite a number of women are described as being prophetesses. (Exodus 15:20,2 Kings 22:14,Luke 2:36) Other women in the Bible were involved in teaching the Word of God. (Acts 18:26)

Personally my own wife is an accomplished Lead Graphic Designer and won, or helped win, 18 advertising awards and a television award. We made an agreement that whoever can earn the most money would work, the other would raise the children. I lost, now I am homeschooling our four, soon to be five, kids and wouldn't trade it for any amount of career money. It took a couple of months to later realize that I actually won the deal.

Even if I am still head of the house, she still submits to my authority as head of the house, I hold my wife elevated with respect and love. The gift she gave me that allowed me to truly enjoy my children is greatly appreciated. We still hold our roles Biblically though.

It all started with Eve. When Eve disobeyed God by transgressing His Law She brought things onto herself. (1 Timothy 2:14) She basically put "self" as her god. Eve placed God on trial as a criminal. She listened to God. She listened to Satan and weighed the two. Adam followed Eve instead of God. Autonomy was the oldest sin.

Now look at these two verses
(Genesis 3:16; Genesis 4:6-7)
See the similarities?

In referencing the woman: "and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee."

In referencing sin: "And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him"

Metaphorically, the temptation of sin wants to have control over, or consume, Cain, and it did. By nature, because of the fall, the woman will seek to rule over the husband. Also, because of the fall, there is a natural tension that takes place in the family and there is a struggle for headship. "Woman wears the pants in the family" is a result of the curse. We are to resist sin and control from the woman.

So the Women desire to rule over men, because of the fall, falls naturally into the position of authority, because of her desires. This is why, I believe, that desire was so great they burned their bras and protested in the recent past to increase their role in the workplace. In a Holy setting though (Church, Government, Family) we are not to allow the woman to usurp that authority.

Don't stop here though, now go read bit.ly/misogynistic for a complete thought on Women and their role with God.



  1. Wow .. just wow .. the misogyny is almost palpable.

  2. "Let me punch this home for a moment. I am still head of house......."

    I shall translate that thusly:
    "I am a very insecure underachiever."

  3. And the last, lingering shred of respect I had for you......is gone.

    Bye Dan.

  4. I'm really disgusted by this article Dan. Do you truly believe all of this?

    I am still head of house

    "Woman wears the pants in the family" is a result of the curse.

    We are to resist sin and control from the woman.

    In a Holy setting though (Church or Family) we are not to allow the woman to usurp that authority.

    Shame on you and your sick religion...

  5. Unlike everyone else, I agree with Dan. Stupid dirty childbearers. My dumb wife is my property. Because she is my property, and I don't want any other men to look at my belongings, I force my wife to cover her entire body. Now, I am not barbaric, she has a small slit to see out of. It took several beatings to get her to do it, but hey, the God in my holy book says that bitch is MINE, so she better damn well listen. I'll tell you what, the worst was removing that temptation filled clitoris.....

  6. This focus on the place of women in The One True God's eyes overlooks the responsibility of Men. I would be tempting his wrath if I didn't do everything in my power to keep you on the straight and narrow, Dan.

  7. Clos,

    I had no idea you were Muslim. Go figure.

  8. Dan,

    I had no idea you though women were beneath you. Go figure.

  9. Wow, I go missing for a few days and you come up with this. Thanks for the laugh Dan, I couldn't have come up with anything better myself.

  10. I still can't decide if Dan is just a complete ass or this was a ploy to stir up a bit of controversy and increase blog traffic.

    Perhaps both...?

  11. rhiggs,

    Or option three to speak truth about God's revealed Word.

    I just knew Frodo and others would get a kick out of it though. I do know my audience.

  12. you know theres a saying we have where i live its "i am the boss in this household....and i have my wifes permission to say so" now i know some very girly girls who you would not like to well lets just say there not gonna be dominated by anyone and god help the bloke who tries this it doesnt necessarily mean they dominate their husband though they make decisions TOGETHER and THAT is equality which is hint hint what feminists want EQUALITY i am a feminist i recon men should be real men but also give women enough respect not to interfere in her life if he say has a issue i think the couple should discuss the issue together and come a decision together the man should not be dominated and as well the woman shouldnt be told what to do they should be equals you say you have your own biblical roles ok but i dont think either should wer the pants in the family leadership of the household (raising children, housework ect)should be the shared responsibility of the parents
    ill tell you something that happens here alot tradies (blue collar joes essentially a real manly man)are dominated in a way by there missus' on our equivilent of the tv show "cops" i saw one poor bloke who got his girlfriends car imponded and got arrested for a dui when he wasnt spose to be down the pub with his mates....even the coppers felt sorry for him when he would have to go home and face the music.....poor bastard lol


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