April 18, 2009


Sign the petition today because doom may be coming soon.

Also, because I cannot get enough of Peter Schiff's logic. Please listen to his sound advice.



  1. I have to say that the amount that we are spending is very scary. When will it stop? (And do I really want to know?)

  2. Kiss it goodbye.

    They...they being the NWO...know full well that what they are doing is driving the nails in the coffin of US sovereignty and the dollar, in order to establish the One World Govt, monetary system, courts, and military rule.

    Totalitarian Socialist Fascism, the Beast System of Revelation.

    All our unbelieving friends will mock, but they have to be willfully ignorant to deny what Obama has been doing in Europe in the last month.

    All this One world govt, coupled with the betrayal of Israel to her enemies. It is so on.

  3. Didn't your savior say something about "give no thought to the morrow"? Or is that one of them "metaphorical" passages?

  4.      You know, after a few days of not approving any comments, it starts to look like you are just ignoring anything anyone has to say. But perhaps you really are that insecure in your faith.

  5. You know, Dan, it's tough to maintain an active blog when moderated comments are never published...

    I miss bantering with you.


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  7. Stan et cetera,

    I mistakenly forgot to put an email in the field to be alerted of moderated comments. So I was missing out on everything. Now I will play catch up. Sorry folks.

    Whew, I thought that my blog completely jumped the shark. :7)

  8. Lol!!

    Really Dan?
    Is that what happened?


    I thought you were doing some sleuthing trying to find out who was impersonating you or something.

    Tnat's kind of funny.

    I'm glad you figured it out.

    Glad to have you back.
    Dani' El

  9. Rufus,

    I gave thought to your point about Matthew 6:34 (Matthew 10:28-32) and you may be right. I was thinking of buying guns and ammo and heirloom seeds to prepare for the meltdown but you may have a point. I should trust in God entirely for everything.

    That is very difficult to go against my natural instincts to protect the family. Hopefully God will discourage me from getting what I want at the gun show this weekend :7)

  10. Dan:

    I just like pointing out hypocrisy, especially Christian hypocrisy. I would say take care of your family; but it is the word of your God, your savior.

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  12. If anyone really cares how to tell if comments are me or not just click on the name and look at the profile.

    This dingle berry from Arizona thinks he can fool people.

    If the Dan (followed by torture devices) says that he used to be gay or that he loves touching kids with links to porn then that would be from this profile:

    Dan +†+If it is actually me then it will be from me: Dan +†+

    Now I am sure that was an unnecessary explanation but I just wanted to clear things up.

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  14. Dan, wake up.

    The days of unmoderated discussions are over thanks to this punk.

    I would like to encourage all our atheist friends to thank the punk for destroying Dan's blog.

    What a punk!


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