April 29, 2010

Prophet Muhammad, Pee Be Upon Him

It was interesting that Matt and Trey, creators of South Park, were threatened by the rabid Islamic radicals.

The worse part of the story was the Comedy Central or really the owners, Viacom, was protecting this Muhammad who was an illiterate, racist, murderer, and a pedophile!

Did Viacom give the same respect to Jesus? Nope!

RevolutionMuslim.com posted the warnings which included a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad disguised in a bear suit. The Web posting also included a graphic photo of Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was murdered in 2004 after making a documentary on violence against Muslim women.

"We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show," the posting reads. "This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them."

Since then RevolutionMuslim.com has retracted their original stance and back peddled a bit. Or was that a lie? I guess this would be a good time to add this:

We all know very well that Allah does not equal Yahweh either.

Now the real point here, and to add insult to injury, the weak, cowardice, and biased owners of Comedy Central, Viacom, decided to censor Matt and Trey when it comes to the prophet Muhammad but not Buddha doing lines of coke or the thousands of digs, throughout the years, at Jesus. What gives Viacom? Scared much? Hypocrite much?

Did "the media" cover that point at all? Nope! Scared of Viacom much?

The purpose of the South Park episodes, 200 and 201, was to criticize political correctness in our society, where it is OK to criticize Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc., but not OK to criticize Islam or Muhammad. Also in the episode "The Cartoon Wars" Muhammad's image was censored, while the show depicted Jesus defecating.

Well, instead of the hilarious bear suit, I will help Matt and Trey with the freedoms, that they deserve, and post their depiction of Muhammad. Muhammad is the one on the right, pee be upon him. If we keep allowing people to censor our viewpoints, then it is a slap in the face of God and our Founding Fathers to have freedom to speak.

If I choose to be an ass, that is my choice to do so and it is backed by the Constitution. Nobody has any right to threaten, or stop, those freedoms.

I had my own run in with the anti-Constitutional Viacom. It seems that Viacom didn't want me to post any of their videos discussing Dr. Ron Paul and they had Youtube shut my account down. I followed the counter-notice procedures. I said to Youtube that it was OK to give the complainants my name and address to sue me. If Viacom didn't respond to my letter then I would get my account back. Viacom's lawyers called me and told me to retract my counter notice and they wouldn't sue me. I said NO, that they had to call off the wolves and I would just delete their content but I wanted my account restored. It was a comprise that I didn't want to do but it would be hard to prove the "fair use act" before the primaries and I wanted Dr. Paul messages out there.

After a week Viacom called and said they didn't want to go to court for this and I said I wanted my account back so if that meant suing me then go ahead. Viacom agreed to not respond to my letter if I agreed to delete their Comedy Central videos and my account would be restored. I reluctantly agreed.

The people who were the most instrumental in helping me out in researching my options on what to do with Viacom was a beautiful person who really cared about me named Eva Galperin with EFF.ORG these are great people and deserve our support and donations. She pointed me to a wealth of information at chillingeffects.org and was instrumental in helping me WIN against Viacom. Thanks Eva you will always have my support and I will tell EVERYONE about your so very important organization. God bless everyone at EFF.ORG

Shame on you Viacom. We are watching you, "pee be upon you" and that is tonight's word.

UPDATE: After posting this, I found out that May 20th is Draw Muhammad day. They have made a Facebook link to upload them.



  1. Fatwa envy much(?,) Dan?

    Hee hee.

  2. More importantly, has anyone heard any updates on whether Tom Cruise has come out of the closet yet?

  3. Rhiggs,

    Last I heard he was working at a fudge factory, he worked in the packing dept.

  4. Ya know what the one rubber said to the other rubber as they walked into the gay bar?

    Let's get shit faced!

  5.      So, let me get this straight. You say Jesus was a pedophile. I suppose that would explain why he supposedly said to let the little children come to him. I mean, illiterate, racist, and murderer are just not in dispute. But it is definitely the case that those are two peas in a pod.

  6. @Pvblivs

    Make a note and attach it to your monitor: "Do not smoke crack before making misquotes and making totally stupid remarks. It is embarrassing to atheism."

    By the way, stop claiming to be a "skeptic", your mind is made up.

  7. "Do not smoke crack before making misquotes and making totally stupid remarks. It is embarrassing to atheism."

    Not nearly as embarrassing as you are to Christianity, and humanity in general.

  8. Very lame, Bentway. With practice, you might be good with the insults by the time you get your driver's license.

  9. Nice to see that Bob 'Stormbringer' Sorensen was just as big a dickbag back in 2010 as he is today!


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