November 19, 2010

Blacklist Bill Approved!!

OK time to put our differences aside, for the moment, and band together for this one.

On the heals of my last post, I just found out that yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the unconstitutional COICA Internet censorship bill that we call the "Blacklist Bill". Are you kidding me!!???!!

I am a huge fan of Quinn Norton who said in an recent magazine article, "What the hell? This is America, we simply don't do this sort of thing. We've always been willing to take a little extra chaos because we don't want even a little Stalin. It's our tradeoff.
Now we're going to trash the First Amendment over I was hoping that if we had to lose our most sacred right, it could be over something a little more substantial then trying to make sure some coked-up Hollywierd fat cats don't feel insecure about torrents of Transformers 2"

To help battle this "abomination" visit the people over at who is on top of this. They just said, "The bill is unlikely to come up again until next session, and in the meantime, we look forward to educating Congress about the dangers in COICA, and joining others to oppose this or any other infringement "solution" that threatens lawful speech online."

Now, if you are completely out of the loop, let me help you out to find your representatives to contact. HSLDA has a little handy tool to help us find that information. Please flood the phones, email boxes, and even the media about this and tell them how much you are upset that this "Blacklist Bill" is going through. Keep the pressure up, for all of our sake. Freedom is being attacked at an alarming rate here.

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