August 8, 2011


Appropriate for today, but inappropriate language.


  1. That's funny, but what do you mean its appropriate for today? Is something going on today?

  2. Max,

    >>Is something going on today?

    Do you live in a bubble?

    The global stock market meltdowns are what I was referencing. It was the sixth largest decline of the Dow (DJI) in the market history. -634.76‎ (-5.55%‎)

  3. I usually get my news for the day late at night. I actually found out about the crash about an hour after writing that comment. I suppose your criticism is valid. I don't find out about stuff as soon as it happens.

  4. Max,

    Well, I guess I feel sort of honored that this blog was chosen before the world news. At least your priorities are in order. :7)

  5. Hi, D.A.N. is it? This may sound a bit weird, but I might recognize that "tag" from a story a friend told me the other day. The one in your new photo

    Might I first, now, ask where you found that picture? The tag seems to be, perhaps, the "Hatchet Sevens" (7hatchet) gang?

    1. I first saw it highlighted on pulse that linked it to

      If you click the picture you can see the link, as I only linked from the url.


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