September 21, 2011

FUNd Raiser

Who wants to fund me to go here:

I can interview both and record entire debate for you. If not, please make my year and tell me it will be streamed on the web!

OK since you all were too cheap to send me, :7p

Here is the debate:


  1.      I thought your father would pay your passage to anyplace in the world -- one-way.

  2. Reynold:

         It's a "Dobie Gillis" reference.

  3. You can already see half of the debate by watching any of WLC's previous debates on Youtube... :P

  4. Law needs to stay in the minor leagues here with me. Debates with Craig are not his "cup of tea" and counters his purpose, dogma, and convincibility.

  5. Not according to those who commented on Law's blog here.

  6. Nope. It would be if I used that as a reason as to why I thought Law beat Craig. I never said that. I've never listened to the debate.

    All I did was point out that your opinion was far from unanimous.

    Dan, you need to learn more about the logical fallacies that you love to throw at people. You're doing it wrong.

  7. You once pointed out that Craig thinks that evolution is a "miracle", yet it seems that Craig himself is an old-earther.

    The video clip is part of an interview with Craig from the Michael Coren Show. Throughout the video, Craig claims that the earth is about 13 billion years old, and that he will not contradict what he calls “mainstream science.” Dr. Craig is an ARDENT believer in billions of years of earth history. Thus, he believes there were millions of years of death, disease, suffering, and violence before man sinned. The Bible makes it clear that after God had created everything, he called the creation “very good.” For those Christians (like Craig) who believe in an old earth, then they are blaming God for disease and death—and they are really saying God calls such “very good.”

    So, just what do you think about this; Craig is going against his own holy book. In fact, he's going against the supposed reason that christ was supposed to have come in the first save us from this "fallen creation".

  8. Reynold,

    >>You once pointed out that Craig thinks that evolution is a "miracle", yet it seems that Craig himself is an old-earther.

    ...that believes in miracles. And?

    Believing in YEC or evolution does not affect or effect Salvation. That would be against Biblical teachings. Repentance and Trusting in Christ does. I do not believe WLC is in trouble. You on the other hand...


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