December 18, 2011

Closing Time

Closing time
Time for you to go back to the places you will be from.
Closing time
This room won't be open 'til your brothers or you sisters come.
So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits
I hope you have found a

No this is not some conspiracy theory to frighten you. Its the real deal. Our liberties are not in jeopardy anymore. Our Civil Liberties are GONE!!!!

Obama Breaks Promise To Veto Bill Allowing Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens!!!!

"This leave[s] Ron Paul as the only candidate in the presidential campaign fighting the bill and generally advocating civil liberties as a rallying point for his campaign." ~ Muslim Matters

Research it for yourself folks. Read about the words of the Bill.

The real kick in the belly is that it was signed on the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights!!!

The Lyrics said " I hope you found a friend" That friend is Ron Paul.

We have ONE, last chance, to save us from our government.

"I know who I want to take me home"

Do you?


  1. Dan:

    If you checked the contents of my blog recently, you might already know of my awareness and my stance on this bit of legislation.

  2. Well electing Ron Paul might be a good start, but there's a more serious concern, which is the huge majority in both houses of congress voted for this bill. Even with a better president, they still could have overridden the veto with a 2/3s majority.

    Even if you do elect Ron Paul for president, its not even close to the end of your problems in this matter, and it might even be better to have Ron Paul in congress voting against such bills.

  3. Yea Max, you may be right but we literally have no other alternative. We can address those other issues over time but NOW we must send the strongest message we can and vote in the ONE that will not suck the teat of the special interest, like all the others who are the experts whore of our nation.

    This is why Ron Paul is called the Father of the tea party long before it was hijacked by the very same special interests. IF, huge IF, we get ALL the Paulers in Congress in that majority, then we can get to work.

    Step 1 Get Paul voted in as President. then we have two years to replace that ENTIRE failed congress with like minded individuals like Dr. Paul. In fact I may just run because of all of this. Its something we MUST fight.

    Get all your service guys to sigh up for Oath Keepers also. We will need all their promises and vows very soon. Its all we can do for now.

    I kept spouting that the Bible will come true soon. Now that it is, I want to fight it. Right is right and we MUST stand for it.

    Otherwise we're all lost.

  4. Dan:

    What you suggest sounds very much like groupthink. Groupthink is what sponsored the awful legislation.

  5. I think that MaxFF has the right of this...I think that the political/financial "machinery" in Washington would have made Ron Paul's election irrelevant even if it had happened.

    I'm just glad that I don't live in the States.

    So, these are the "oathkeepers" eh? Other than the religious stuff they don't seem bad. I wonder if any of them know that "god" is not in the constitution and wasn't even on their money or their pledge of allegiance until far after the founding of their country.

    As I said once before, if america truly was built on xian principles, then they'd never have rebelled against the king of england. The bible forbids such things.

  6. "Step 1 Get Paul voted in as President. then we have two years to replace that ENTIRE failed congress with like minded individuals like Dr. Paul. In fact I may just run because of all of this. Its something we MUST fight."

    Interesting plan, although I don't think it has a very good chance of succeeding. You may as well try your best to get Paul elected, but it is very unlikely he will win. The media has convinced most people that he is too extreme, to win, and most will not support him.

    Since its obvious that Democrats and Republicans are acting against the interests of American citizens, you need to get new parties into office. The Presidency and the Senate will probably be impossible for new parties to win, but the house of representatives has a smaller constituency, so it might be reasonable to win a few of those.

    Once the party has significant support in the house and eventually the senate, then you will have a chance at winning the presidency. Really the presidency should be the last step not the first.

    Neither the Democrats nor most Republicans will support Ron Paul or anyone like him. Very few people are willing to support third party candidates because of the perception that they have no way of winning so the vote is wasted. If you want to turn things around, you need a third party and you need to win seats in congress.

    Since you suggested you would possibly be interested in running for office, I would guess that House of Representatives would be the best idea, but you really need to find like minded people and organize a third party, not a puppet of the republicans like the tea party, a real independent third party.

  7. Reynold,

    >>The bible forbids such things.

    WRONG again. You are sounding like a broken record with your dogma. We have been through this before,

    There is an absolute authority that we follow. The Canaanites had their own government too, were we to "follow" them also?

    If the government is in line with God's principles and Commands then yes sure. If the government tells you to murder babies, as an example, you are to disobey silly.

  8. "Dogma"? WTF are you babbling about? It's a view I got from reading your own bible dumbass.

    You notice that it those verses quoted refer to one's own kingdom, not those of the neighboring kingdoms who were opposed to biblegod.

    Those were verses that, since King George (leader of a xian nation who never went against biblegods' laws that we know of) the americans had to break in order to have their revolution.

    So your uh, question about "following" Canaanites laws makes no sense.

    If the government is in line with God's principles and Commands then yes sure. If the government tells you to murder babies, as an example, you are to disobey silly.
    Look who's talking, hypocrite. Remember your post about the so-called "capital punishment" of the Canaanites? You have no problem with killing babies when biblegod tells you to, silly.

    I asked you once before, when was England's King George out of line with biblegod's "principles"?

  9. So, after that bullshit with the canaanites and the xians like William Lane Craig justifying it, how can you clowns keep claiming "absolute morality"?

  10. Alan 'Rhology' Maricle admitted that he'd kill infants and his neighbours if his god told him to, what would you do, Dan?

  11. If you were my neighbor you mean? Hmmm...tempting me now. :7)

  12. Oh are we changing topics now? fine by me.

    "If the government is in line with God's principles and Commands then yes sure. If the government tells you to murder babies, as an example, you are to disobey silly. "

    The British government was not ordering American colonists to murder babies. Perhaps you could tell us which of God's principles were being violated that justified the revolution.

    I remember that the rallying cry of the revolution was, "no taxation without representation." lets see what the Bible has to say. According to Matthew 22:17-22 when asked whether Jews should pay tribute to Caesar, he commanded them to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. So taxation without representation is supported by the Bible and in fact commanded by Jesus himself. The Jews had no representation in the Roman government.

  13. MaxFF,

    What an interesting find that is on your part. I'm interested to see Dan's response.


  14. "Dear Lord, what the fuck did Tom Brady ever do for you!?"--Tim Tebow after the Bronco's decisive loss to the Patriot's.

  15. I do not think you should be using a platform that you have dedicated to evangelism in the support of a political candidate. Better to have a second Weblog or something else.

    Just my two grotzits worth.

  16. Be happy you still can voice that opinion of yours.

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

    Without the freedoms given by our Creator, and spelled out in our bill of rights, NO ONE would have a voice here or anywhere. This election is the utmost important part of that. My free choice, and views, to do as I see fit with my property here, is celebrated in this blog.

    Don't worry, I will be in some camp silenced by our government very soon. Unless of course, the right man for the job is voted in that is. Go Ron Paul!

    IF D.A.N needs to turn into a hub for freedom fighters of all faiths and oath keepers to communicate within the failed system to come, created by the minions of our illegal government, then let it be that.

    We can call that, the evolution of Debunking Atheists Nation. ;7)

  17. Dan, how much do you know of history? Your "creator" gave precious little rights, as is evidenced by the actions of his servants throughout history. By the way, what "freedoms" are actually spelled out in the bible?

    The Bill of Rights is a secular document, is it not? Though at least Dan is half right here. The Bill of Rights is responsible for many of the rights people in the States now enjoy.


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