December 15, 2012


Not trying to debate at all, I am just grateful we Unschool our children at home, and that they are now safe, God willing. Our hearts are aching. We mourn for the families losses and just wish to present a bit of hope.


  1. I am, of course, glad your kids are safe just as I'm glad mine are.

    However, this is not a school problem and I hope homeschooling is not presented as a way to "solve" this problem. These tragedies happen in any place that people gather, because they make good targets.

    Home is not as safe as it appears.

    Also, having a gun in the home increases the chance of a fatal suicide by 5-10 times (state-by-state) and *increases* the chance of dying in a gun-related homicide.

  2. Not sure what you're so sad about, you've previously said that everyone is a sinner deserving of death, so in your worldview this is just. Or are you going to back away from your statement that everyone deserves death?

  3. I noticed that with theists: If humans kill other humans, it's horrible (so far so good) but if "god" has humans killed then it's (one way or another) when they are pressed about it: "no such thing as innocence" or "we all deserve to die" or "we all deserve to go to hell" etc.

  4. Not to mention, that regarding all the children slaughtered by god, or ordered slaughtered by god, in the Bible, we always hear that those children were better off going to heaven. Doesn't that still apply?


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