March 3, 2018

Strange Times Huh!

I was blocked from Twitter as one of the targets for the Christian/Conservative purge, Satanic Gangs in my neighborhood weaponized against my family this year and lost, MAGA, Q, Bible is alive more now, etc. Very exciting times.

I NO LONGER feel this way, as Peterson is a fraud along with Rogan:

I CANNOT recommend a better conversation than these two both whom I have been watching or some time, and concluded they're both frauds.

I have been celebrating Joe possibly finding God lately, he has daughters after all. Even though he refused to have any private conversations with me, I have seen God working something for him possibly turning against the Left for a year now, which was very exciting for someone like me who is actually praying for his salvation. He is seeing the light maybe?

Dr. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, is my spirit animal (Ugh, I regret that statement) and the reason what made me fixate on him so aggressively lately. Required reading in my home, etc. (Not anymore) So many backlogged videos for us to watch. I am not even sure if he considers himself a Christian. (Not yet, denial of Christ) He certainly is speaking the truth of God. (Only up to a point, then buries truth in fecies) He speaks about, especially in this specific conversation and #877, how I homeschool 5 of my kids. You MUST watch/listen to #877 also to show more of that and why I blogged. (don't bother) If we all were at my house I would hope this is how we would have a conversation but I get too passionate for your sake and it would devolve quickly with your stubbornness and refusal to accept truth in your dogma. Truth Dr. Peterson speaks about, and what I myself have learned in life, and have even posted here about.

Although they're both wrong even here, it is split into two tribes, God (Jesus Christ) or not, I digress. But they try.

#877 Admits Soviet Atheists
This is brilliant, although Joe is such a weak coward, for not pushing back with his Atheistic worldview more for fear of what might be said back, possibly. But that too is a good thing, and in poker we'd call it a "tell". is needed for Joe, and I'm rooting for him and all of you to stop denying Christ.

I concede and have noticed my own passionate frustration lately with the LEFT, and I pit the Atheistic Worldviews as the SOURCE and enemy, which is true/truth (

LEFT went from convincing, to COMPELLING us. Dangerous group.

But, as God is revealing to me, these are very special circumstances and exciting times. This where Joe, a man who rails against Christians aggressively and mockingly in his Atheistic Worldview, has an actual conversation with a brilliant man of science, a Doctor who is understanding the value of God, to put it lightly, and has a very unique ability for articulating so very well the difficult, especially #877. This was the reason why I started my blog a decade ago, I wanted the Atheists to challenge and help focus my beliefs which they indeed have, and I wanted to explain things of God on a personal level to relate to each other. Well, that is how it started anyway.

I would say I owe a large portion of my understanding, and "PhD" in God, to my family for giving me the avenue to explore these subjects, and Atheists who forced my articulation publicly. Yes, I am frustrated with the dogmatic religiousness of Atheistic Worldviews of the LEFT who cheapen their own souls in such a weak pathetic way and is destroying our own existence (Identity Politics, Group Think, Compelling), much like a frustrated parent, because I believe time is of the essence. They helped laser focus my arguments and beliefs. Dr. Peterson confirms my direction. If we get through this together, as I am hoping, I will be one of the happiest men in Heaven. Miracles still happen, just not to goats, of course. Matthew 25:32 for that evidence. Seek, and never be a goat (antichrists, 1 John 2:22) for all of our sake. This is over a two hour ride of greatness, strap in and get some popcorn.


UPDATE: Not worth it. Just another disappointment. A weak Antichrist, yet again.


  1. Q just posted!!! Nice to know our Leadership is having fun destroying the evil ones. You've already lost

    It Is FINISHED!!!

  2. No WAY!!!!

    They just gave me my Twitter back, and all it took was a threat of a lawsuit and blog post.

    Stay TOGETHER.
    Be STRONG.
    Be HEARD.
    FIGHT the censorship.
    You, the PEOPLE, have ALL the POWER.
    You simply forgot how to PLAY.
    They want you divided.
    They want you silenced.
    We are WITH you.

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    1. Jesse, your feedback just made my day.

      Many years ago Google was playing around with the algorithms to suppress my blog. When I posted, like a title of "Atheism is a religion", I would be first result, and got a great deal of traffic. It was great. Then after the algorithm changed, I barely made first page. So, I was discouraged and all but stopped. I use my blog to point to something to witness with, or for my kids. I'm on Twitter now a lot, but they started doing same thing. FB too! Social media companies are trying to quiet us Christian Conservatives. They're winning too. But that's not a problem. Storm is coming for them. God's will be done.

      But really, thank you for your kindness. God gets the glory though. I should post more. I will occasionally, God willing.


  4. You are a fucking dipshit! Adults with imaginary friends are dangerous!

    1. How did I miss this comment? Anyway, how are you absolutely certain your reasoning is valid in your Atheistic Worldview, without being viciously circular?

      Could you be wrong about the things you're claiming to know?

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