June 26, 2009

Bible and Science

This post is for my reference mainly, but AIG has a sensible approach to Science.

We need to realize that:

a) all humans are fallen and fallible;

b) science itself is a wonderful, but fallible human tool;

c) all the hypotheses and speculations which one uses to explain things within the framework of Biblical history can only be tentative, since humanity will never have all knowledge, and new data is constantly becoming available. For the same reason, hypotheses and submodels within evolutionary theory are constantly changing. So the same thing will inevitably be true in the creationist scientific world.


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  1. This is a very good post, I think, to illustrate the weakness of Christian apologetics. Here we have a website named "Debunking atheists" - and the worst it can do is make sly comments and innuendos.
    This is because atheism is a fundamentally sensible worldview and believing in God without having had some personal experience of Him is not.


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