June 23, 2009

"With" Makes The Difference

Atheists try to lie their way into our society?

What better way to do that by being photographed with this congresswoman.

While this picture is no big surprise to me at all, the title and implications of the article was.

In Google, if you notice, it says "Atheist activist meets with top Washington officials" which is loaded with all sorts of insinuations.

No matter how small the imperceptibility was, it was wrong. Since then the article's title alone was changed to reflect a more honest approach to what transpired, but the gist of the article was left the same.

This guy shows up to have pictures taken with the congresswoman and met her, but didn't meet "with" her. There is a Howard Huge difference. This Sean Faircloth guy is trying to act like he matters by getting pictures taken with familiar faces in hopes to be popular and get his agenda press, which worked. At least, that is my take on it.

Notice the skew of the entire article "Hopefully, we will begin to see the fruits of his and SCA's labors in the near future. But for now, this gives hope that atheists are on the verge of becoming a true force with a respected voice in Washington."

Which is completely not the case at all. He merely took a few pictures and shook some hands. Quite a dishonest article, if you ask me. The "fruits of his labor" will be shown, that is for sure, but that fruit is not good as described in God's Word.

These Atheists are trying hard to promote this Atheism to get a foothold as the religion of Washington and society. According to the Bible, most of the world will be Atheists so relax Sean and Trina, your agenda will be promoted in time without this kind of dishonesty. Or maybe it will since the "father of lies" is your god, it is your destiny.



  1. I don't know man. They've rocketed all the way up to 1.6% of the population. Could be trouble :-0

  2. "These Atheists are trying hard to promote this Atheism to get the foothold as the religion of Washington and society"

    Wouldn't secularism would be nice?

    My countries pretty darn secular and it rocks. We have a ferry... and... *looks around* I still think it rocks.

    From Wiki: In 2006, the New Zealand census asked, What is your religion?. 34.7% of those answering indicated no religion. 12.2% did not respond or objected to answering the question.

  3. After you keep pushing that "Christian Nation" lie, you really lost any right to complain about anyone else lying, Dan.

    Besides, atheists are not the only people who go for photo-ops.

  4. I'll bet Dan checks under his bed for the boogey man every night before he goes to sleep. :>

  5. Makarios said...
    I don't know man. They've rocketed all the way up to 1.6% of the population. Could be trouble :-0
    You are fooling yourself.
    There are vast numbers of agnostics out here, becoming more liberated every day.
    The internet will be to organized religion what the printing press was to the end of the rulke of the Catholic church.

  6. Dan,
    You site doesn't support IE8. Time for an upgrade?

  7. Who cares about microfail, step up to the wonderful world of firefox. You will not be disappointed.


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